Summer is finally here and for businesses, it marks the start of a new season of potential growth and success. With warmer temperatures, longer days, and the promise of vacations and outdoor activities, summer brings about a change in consumer behavior.

As a result, companies need to adapt their proper version of google analytics, google ad, google search console, online presence and digital marketing strategies to stay ahead of the game. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

By optimizing your superior browser experience and online content to rank higher on popular browsers and search engine results pages (SERPs), you can drive more class products and organic traffic to your website and increase your chances of converting leads into customers. However, with the constantly evolving digital competitive landscape, it can be challenging to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to summer SEO success, focusing on 6 local tasks that you should implement right now to ensure your business stays relevant, visible, and successful this season.

Whether you’re a small local business or a larger company with a physical presence, these tips will help you make the most out of your summer SEO strategy. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can elevate your online presence and achieve your summer goals.

An Opportune Time

During the upcoming summer, it would be beneficial for you to enjoy some leisurely days under the shade with your loved ones, accompanied by a refreshing pitcher of iced tea or a delightful tray of homemade popsicles. However, it is also an opportune time to explore novel local SEO, proper market and strategic markets well in advance of the holiday season, in order to gauge the preferences of your community in 2023.

Here are six astute strategies to consider, which could greatly enhance the success of your local business throughout the summer.

1. Join the Exclusive Queue for Search Labs Waiting List

Avoiding queues is a universal preference, however, there’s an exception this summer – joining the line for Google Search Labs. By doing so, you can gain the earliest access to the innovative Search Generative Experience (SGE), which can be seen in Joy Hawkins’ tweet and further elaborated in this early bird article. SGE represents one of Google’s endeavors to integrate AI into their search outcomes.

Early testers have noticed local pack-like results for local SGE searches, which is promising. However, it’s important to note that the rankings of these “new packs” do not align precisely with traditional packs or organic results.

This distinction holds significance for businesses, and it’s imperative to stay informed about this development, as highlighted by Noah Learner’s report.

In April, I previously reported on Google’s introduction of their AI chat Bard. It’s important to note that there are similarities and differences between the AI results and older layouts. For local businesses, it would be wise to gain access to SGE in order to understand these differences and effectively achieve top visibility in the new formats.

As for the potential impact of these AI experiments on business operations and marketing practices, only time will tell. We are eagerly awaiting to see which products will progress and how many customers will actually incorporate them into their daily lives, similar to their usage of local packs, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other familiar features.

While you’re waiting, I suggest reading Greg Sterling’s informative article on Google SGE: Meet the New Pack.

2. Analyze Meteorological Patterns for the Benefit of Society

If your business or inventory is affected by seasonal variations, you may have noticed that relying on the weather has become increasingly unpredictable. The year 2021 witnessed millions of individuals in Oregon and Washington desperately searching for air conditioners due to summer temperatures soaring 30-40 degrees above normal. Interestingly, air conditioners were not commonly used in the Pacific Northwest before this, but they have now become a necessity.

In Northern California, where I reside, an extreme drought persisted for an extensive period, leading to memories of wet winters fading into distant recollections. However, this past winter surprised us with unexpected rainfall, causing people to scramble for umbrellas, wood chips to prevent cars from sinking in flooded driveways, and sandbags and French drains to protect their properties.

The uncertainty arises as we await the melting of our substantial snowpack this year.

A Crucial Role

Climate change plays a crucial role in inducing erratic weather patterns, rendering statements like “England is a wet, cool country,” “New York experiences heavy winter snowfall,” or “California is dry” unreliable for basing inventory decisions. Local businesses must reassess their approach to seasonality and adapt their supply chains and inventory structures to accommodate unforeseen weather and unfamiliar conditions.

These businesses might need to allocate additional floor space or warehouse seasonal products to ensure their availability when needed. For instance, they may be the go-to source for air conditioners in Portland and Seattle or the provider of galoshes for individuals in San Francisco.

Even restaurant menus should reflect this awareness, as customers may not prefer cold salads during a wet and foggy summer or hot chowder amidst scorching 116-degree coastal temperatures.

Promptly Inform

To effectively respond to sudden changes, it is crucial to promptly inform the local community through social media and your website that you are prepared to serve them under these novel circumstances. Additionally, it is important to acknowledge and address the concerns and distress people may be experiencing due to these changes.

By advocating for a transition to green energy within your community and advanced country, you can actively contribute to combating the detrimental effects of climate change, rather than merely reacting to them on a localized basis.

3. Wear your Proactive Athletic Attire for Optimal Performance

It is evident that videos have become a prominent presence in search engine result pages (SERPs). Upon observing MozCast today, it came to my attention that a minimum of 23% of the searches we monitor are displaying video results. Interestingly, our data indicates that Google currently prioritizes video content over local packs, as evidenced by the frequency of video results in this particular snapshot.

The increasing prominence of video content is becoming a key factor leading numerous local SEO experts to advise local businesses to incorporate some type of video into each new page they release. To enhance this approach, I highly suggest going a step further by producing two videos for every new page or article you publish.

Wondering why? Allow me to illustrate with an example from the well-known multi-location brand, Patagonia, and its YouTube presence:

A Noticeable Contrast

As evident from the top video published by the company itself, there is a noticeable contrast in the newly introduced Shorts section. While the brand has full control over the messaging in their own videos, the Shorts lineup creates a different narrative.

It seems that random customers or even non-customers are questioning the company’s prices, thereby creating a controversial atmosphere by hinting at undisclosed information and alleging the business’s dislike for zippers. However, whether any of these claims hold accuracy or relevance is uncertain, as they do not originate from the brand.

Additionally, two of the results in the Shorts section do not pertain to the business; instead, they feature content related to Argentina.

This phenomenon may sound familiar to local businesses and marketers who have encountered a similar situation with Google Business Profile Q&A. When the public is solely responsible for shaping your brand story, there is a possibility of encountering such instances.

A Business Having Access

The current situation involves a business having access to a platform where they can create content, yet they are not utilizing it effectively. Customers expect the business to provide helpful content on this platform, but due to neglect, they are instead encountering unhelpful and random information from the public.

This lack of attention is causing potential leads to be lost, as the public’s content is not designed to convert. This serves as a prime example of user generated content (UGC) gone awry.

I strongly believe that the most compelling brand stories are told by the customers of customer-centric businesses. This notion is supported by Moz’s review survey, which found that only 11% of people trust what brands say about themselves more than what customers say about them.

While I am a staunch advocate for the persuasive power of UGC, I also believe that brands should exert control wherever possible.

The Essence of your Business and its Contributions

During the upcoming summer season, while you engage in the process of uploading fresh product and service pages, revamping your about page, revising your mission statement, or generating new content that reflects the essence of your business and its contributions to the community, consider conducting an experiment by incorporating the following:

Firstly, create a comprehensive video that encompasses the entirety of the page’s content accessible. This video can be of any duration and should be uploaded to your dedicated YouTube channel. It aims to provide your proper audience analysis with a concise visual summary of the information available on the page.

Additionally, produce a shorter video that highlights the most crucial channel and shareable aspect of the proper content. This video should be specifically designed to capture the attention of viewers and can be uploaded to the shorts section of your YouTube channel. By focusing on the most significant elements, this video aims to maximize engagement and resonance with your target audience.

By undertaking this experimental approach, you can effectively utilize the power of video content to enhance your online presence, engage your viewers, and effectively communicate the essence of your business and its relevance within the community.

Effectively Shared

In addition to serving as a foundation for your business’s TikTok feed, these shorts can also be effectively shared on your established social media platforms. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that you have the option to upload videos to the image section of your Google Business Profiles.

It is important to mention that the optimal length of these videos is a topic of debate. While Google’s guidelines suggest a duration of 30 seconds, there have been instances of videos exceeding a minute. For a more comprehensive discussion on this matter, I recommend referring to the following Twitter thread.

4. When it Comes to Discussing Google Business Profiles…

Strategies To Enhance Your Online Presence

Here are three strategies to enhance your online presence during the summer and encourage more customer engagement with your business listing:

  1. Capture the essence of summer by incorporating three fresh and seasonal photos each month. By continuously updating visual content, you can demonstrate to search engines, like Google, that your business is active and relevant. Regardless of whether your business experiences significant seasonal changes, utilize your creativity to showcase your establishment in the vibrant summer sunshine.
  2. Generate customer interest and drive action by crafting one new Google Update per week throughout June, July, and August. Formerly known as Google Posts, these updates can be a chrome dev tool, dedicated tool or powerful tool for attracting attention to your summer specials and discounts. Emphasize the limited-time nature of these offers to create urgency, and be sure to include a clear call-to-action that directs customers towards the desired action after reading your update.
  3. Pay close attention to your operating hours, especially during the summer months when visitor SEO traffic tends to increase. Even if your business hours remain unchanged, it is crucial to verify the accuracy of your Google Business Profile (GBP) and other listings. Summer brings many tourists and unfamiliar visitors to various towns, making it essential for them to easily access accurate information about your open hours. Ensuring correct listing details will not only prevent inconveniences but also safeguard your brand reputation from avoidable negative reviews. If you encounter inconsistencies in your business hours across different local search platforms, consider utilizing Moz Local to quickly disseminate accurate information to major local business listing platforms on the web.

By implementing these strategies, you can enrich your online profiles, attract more customer actions, and effectively capitalize on the opportunities presented by the summer season.

5. In Regards to Individuals Who Come to Your Locality…

According to motor associations and travel agents, road trips are predicted to remain the preferred choice for American vacationers this summer. It would be intriguing to conduct a survey in the future to determine the average number of reviews individuals write after each vacation.

Personally, I have always enjoyed revisiting my trips once I return home and spending a few moments leaving reviews for the local establishments that assisted me during my travels. However, until such a survey is manage, I can share some interesting findings from TripAdvisor.

They discovered that if you respond to the reviews you have already received, travelers are 77% more likely to book a spot at your RV park or lodge. Yes, an incredible 77%!

Furthermore, it is essential to note that during the summer season, a staggering 96% of visitors to your town will be reading reviews about local businesses. This statistic highlights the significance of reviews for the general public.

It is not solely the opinions of wanderers like myself that influence them; rather, over 90% of these individuals are moderately or extremely influenced by how businesses respond to reviews.

A Significant Number of Neglected Reviews

you are aware that you have a significant number of neglected reviews in your prominent local business listings, it is advisable to approach this situation with a proactive mindset. Consider the analogy of attending summer school, although perhaps not as enjoyable, and envision the task of responding to each review you have received over the past year as your homework.

To efficiently address this backlog, dedicate specific time each week to tackle a batch of these reviews until you are fully caught up.

It is crucial to recognize that business owner responses are promptly published, allowing you to immediately reap the benefits of engaging with seasonal visitors. By actively responding to complaints and actively seeking solutions, potential customers during this time will witness your commitment to addressing concerns and resolving issues.

Furthermore, if you consistently maintain this level of responsiveness throughout the year, you will be at an advantage when the busy holiday season approaches at the end of the year.

6. Effective Communication is Crucial in Every Aspect

If you are uncertain about whether your local business should adopt text messaging as a means of customer communication this year, it would be beneficial to take into account the following statistics gathered by Aaron Weiche, a trusted source at LeadFerno:

  • A significant 78% of customers express a preference for texting with businesses.
  • Texting proves to be remarkably speedy, with an impressive 90% of individuals opening text messages within a mere three minutes of their receipt.
  • By offering text messaging as a mode of communication, you can potentially generate more positive sentiments from approximately 65% of your prospective customers towards your business.

Convey To Your Customers

During this summer season, it is crucial to convey to your customers a wide range of significant information regarding your product availability, seasonal amenities, safety protocols, and satisfaction guarantees. Extensive research on effective marketing strategies emphasizes the importance of building customer relationships, which is further carry by the widespread use of cell phones.

With the convenience of mobile devices, communication has never been easier, as evident from the fact that 88% of survey participants consider texting as the primary purpose of their cell phones. Furthermore, numerous surveys reveal that customers now prefer texting as their preferred method of interacting with businesses.

Embracing this google trends and opening your text lines for swift and efficient communication could greatly enhance the ease of interaction for both your customers and your business. This summer presents a valuable opportunity to streamline communication and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Creating Sun Tea for Local Businesses

The tasks feature in today’s column can be swiftly execute to yield immediate benefits for your business. However, it is noteworthy that these tasks also possess a long-term advantage, akin to the gradual steeping of sun tea.

Just as the flavors of tea develop and intensify over time, so too do local business improvements.

Regularly refining your inventory to meet changing demands, utilizing Google updates to offer special deals, promptly responding to customer reviews, establishing a video library, and employing convenient texting services or other technical SEO Services that can contribute to the gradual growth of habits, content understandable, editorial content and connections that fortify your local business throughout the year.

Even seemingly minor improvements in your business operations can greatly impact customer satisfaction. Here’s to the prosperity of your business and community this summer. May it be a fruitful one!

In Conclusion

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to optimize your local SEO strategies to drive more traffic and customers to your business. By following these 6 tasks, you can ensure that your website is ranking higher and have a strong domain in local organic search results and reaching a wider audience, international audiences and your target audience effectively.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that the summer season brings – make the most of your SEO efforts and watch your business thrive. Happy optimizing!

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