In today’s digital age, the internet has become the primary source of information for consumers, and with the majority of people using search engines to find local businesses, having a strong online presence is crucial for success and to climb in the local SEO Rankings.

This is where local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Local SEO tools focuses on improving a website’s online visibility within a specific geographic area, making it easier for potential customers to find and engage with a business. While there are many different effective strategies that can be utilized for local SEO, one key factor that can greatly impact rankings is the type of content a business produces.

In this article, we will delve into the 9 types of content that can skyrocket your local SEO rankings, helping your business gain more visibility, positive reviews, attract more customers, and ultimately, achieve greater success.

By understanding how and why these types of content are important for local SEO, you can effectively optimize your online presence and stay ahead of the competition. So, let’s dive in and discover the key to local visibility through content that will take your local SEO rankings to new heights.

Countless Hours

I have dedicated countless hours to finding the finest Mexican cuisine, scouring Instagram posts, and seeking advice from local bloggers. In my quest for that defining moment of triumph, where I hold the title of taco connoisseur, I inevitably find myself returning to the ever-reliable Google.

During my Google searches, I am presented with information from Google Business Profiles, Google Maps, and local reviews. Regrettably, local websites are continuously pushed further down the results page in favor of other Google search features.

In 2020, a staggering 65% of Google searches provided users with the necessary information directly from the search results page, an increase from 50% in the previous year. Your website now plays a secondary role to Google Business Profiles and other search result features.

In the past, achieving a high ranking in local SEO was relatively straightforward. Including your business name, business address or physical address, and phone number in the footer, along with a few directory link building, would usually suffice to secure a place in the local 7-pack.

No Longer Sufficient

However, times have changed. The 7-pack has been reduced to a 3-pack, and relying solely on local directory links is no longer sufficient. To climb the ranks in local SEO and compete with zero click results, you must focus on creating valuable local content.

Still skeptical? Just take a look at, who experienced a staggering 300% increase in website traffic by crafting custom local content.

And they are not alone in their success. Search Geek Solutions witnessed a remarkable 300% boost in organic visibility for Bloomfield Dental Designs through the development of localized content.

By generating rich local content, you can target less competitive, location-specific keywords and improve your search engine rankings.

To assist you in maintaining an up-to-date website filled with relevant local content and fueling your local SEO strategy, I have compiled a comprehensive list of nine different types of local content that you can adapt and incorporate within your own business.

What Is Local SEO Content?

Local SEO content encompasses various elements such as text, images, and videos that are strategically crafted to cater to the needs of individuals searching for local information. This content can be featured on your website, local landing pages, Google Business Profile, and other relevant platforms.

If your business primarily targets a specific area or zip code, all the content on your website should be tailored to suit the preferences and requirements of local residents.

However, it’s important to note that there is no single “magic bullet” in local SEO content that can instantly drive local foot traffic to your business directories. The key distinction between regular “content” and “local content” lies in the underlying organic search intent behind the queries.

The Perspective of Local Users

When creating local SEO content, it is crucial to consider the perspective of local users, local entities, and establish semantic relationships that foster a stronger connection with the target audience. This goes beyond the simple inclusion of local-based keywords within your blog content. When executed effectively, this approach yields positive results.

For instance, Exposure Ninja witnessed a remarkable 900% increase in keyword visibility for an accounting firm after investing two years into producing locally-focused blog content. Similarly, Dallas SEO Dogs successfully enhanced organic traffic by 72% for a local bar called HIDE by eliminating outdated keyword stuffing techniques and improving the quality of their content.

These examples highlight the significance of creating informative and valuable local SEO content that resonates with the target audience and aligns with their specific needs and interests.

How Do You Write Local SEO Content?

In the alternate reality where Willy Wonka, the famed chocolatier, delved into the world of search engine optimization (SEO) and established a local SEO agency instead of his iconic chocolate factory, the outcome would not involve the creation of delectable local SEO content. Unlike the concept of a Golden Ticket in his chocolate factory, writing local SEO content does not offer a direct path to success.

However, fret not, as search engines do provide valuable insights to enhance the search visibility of your content in local search results. To facilitate your journey towards effective local SEO content creation, we present four well-established tips that are proven to yield positive outcomes.

1. Use Schema Markup

With the continuous enhancement and interactivity of Google search results, the significance of schema amplifies. Schema plays a vital role in enabling algorithms to comprehend the interconnections between content.

By incorporating schema markup into your local business or personal authorship, you effectively accentuate your proficiency and credibility.

2. Sprinkle Local Phrases In Your Content

In order to effectively strategize your content, conducting thorough local keyword research is crucial. However, it is equally important to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the overall topic aligns with those keyword phrases.

By adopting a holistic approach and considering your business as a whole, while incorporating localized references, you can achieve remarkable results in terms of local SEO content.

An excellent illustration of this is exhibit by the collaboration between Kanuka Digital and PlumbGas. Kanuka Digital successfully optimized main navigation pages, meta titles, and meta descriptions by incorporating relevant local phrases. As a result, they witnessed an astounding 400% increase in goal conversions within the very first month.

3. Write As You Talk

The utilization of voice search in local SEO is not a recent development. Surprisingly, a significant 75% of individuals who possess smart speakers frequently employ them to search for local businesses on a weekly basis.

To effectively optimize your content for voice search queries and appear prominently in the search engine results pages (SERPs), adopting a conversational tone in your writing can prove beneficial.

4. Images Are Your Unsung Hero

Local SEO tools often overlooks the importance of images, yet in the age of mobile search dominance, it is crucial to optimize your images for this platform. To increase your chances of ranking in mobile search for local content, it is recommended to include distinct images, rather than generic stock photos, in a square format.

Additionally, ensure that these images have proper alt text and schema markup.

Avoid relying solely on stock images. Instead, opt for captivating and original visuals that not only enhance your content but also contribute to a more engaging narrative. By following these practices, you can significantly improve your local SEO strategy and attract more attention from mobile users.

9 Examples Of Content For Local SEO

1. Destination-Focused Webpage

One interesting task to undertake is to test your ability to rank for local keyword terms without having a dedicated webpage for a specific location. Although it is possible to achieve success with persistent efforts, it is undeniably easier to secure a position in the local search engine results pages (SERPs) by having a dedicated webpage for each physical location.

For inspiration, take a cue from Denny’s, a multi-location local business that has effectively tackled this challenge. They have smartly created individual webpages for each of their locations. Let’s delve into an example and explore Denny’s dedicated page for their New Port Richey, Florida location.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams serves as a prime illustration of excellence in its own right. The brand effectively showcases local landmarks and downtown locales, accompanied by a selection of distinct, indigenous images.

In addition, Roto-Rooter has also entered the competition, expanding their presence in the market. As a result, they have established a dedicated webpage specifically for their New York location, providing valuable information to potential customers in the area.

2. State Or Regional Landing Page

Generating enthusiasm from clients for creating additional content can be challenging. However, in the realm of local SEO, the quality and quantity of content could be the deciding factor in propelling your website from Page 2 or 3 to the coveted Page 1 position.

If the prospect of developing numerous location-specific pages appears overwhelming, a good starting point is focusing on the city or region where your establishments are situated.

Let’s take a look at Airbnb’s Miami webpage as an example.

Their approach involves crafting city-specific content that revolves around various topics related to staying in Miami. The content on this page aligns perfectly with the search intent of users. To delve deeper into the information, simply continue scrolling.

This particular instance serves as a prime illustration of highly effective local content silos, which I must commend.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this phenomenon is not an isolated occurrence.

A notable organization called Incfile, which functions akin to LegalZoom but with enhanced features, has successfully constructed region-specific webpages.

In order to enhance the user experience for their customers, the team at Incfile extensively researched buyer personas before embarking on the creation of state location pages. This strategy proved successful, as Incfile observed a significant increase in organic traffic and notable improvements in conversion rates.

3. FAQ Pages

FAQ pages serve as a comprehensive hub for all your local SEO needs, providing a wealth of valuable content and high-quality content. Let’s explore a range of insightful FAQ pages specifically designed for local businesses.

Additionally, Handy has intelligently incorporated FAQs within its service pages, enhancing user experience and knowledge.

The FAQs section of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website is exclusively dedicated to addressing a wide range of commonly asked questions.

4. Specials

Local business owners understand the significance of offering specials and discounts to attract customers. In this era of savvy shoppers, it seems like everyone is embracing the art of extreme couponing (and I’m certainly guilty of it too!).

To cater to the desires of your valued customers, it is crucial to personalize your specials specifically for the local residents. The hospitality industry, particularly hotels, has mastered this strategy.

Take Hotel Chicago, for instance, which goes above and beyond by providing an enticing parking package for their guests.

 Disney offers exclusive passes and discounts specifically designed for local residents.

When you provide a discount that is specific to a particular business location, you are effectively targeting your local audience and creating a sense of exclusivity for them. In today’s competitive market, where businesses are striving to secure top positions in local search engine results pages (SERPs), even the smallest discount can make a significant impact.

5. Host Local Events

Each Friday, like clockwork, I diligently browse through my Facebook events to discover the exciting happenings for the upcoming weekend. Without fail, there is always an abundance of festivals, complimentary yoga sessions, and charitable dog washes taking place.

As a marketer, I find immense joy in witnessing local businesses effectively utilizing Facebook events to generate awareness. However, I must admit, it disappoints me when I cannot find these events listed on their respective websites.

It is crucial for businesses to recognize that if they host a local event without announcing it on their website, they are inadvertently missing out on valuable opportunities to enhance their local SEO presence.

Allow me to illustrate this concept using the exemplary case of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Austin, which brilliantly combines its local cheese store with captivating classes and events.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay updated on the happenings at Green Bench Brewing, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Take note of their engaging initiative called Hospitality Wednesdays, where they warmly welcome and cater to their valued patrons.

Alternatively, you have the option to lease your premises as a venue, similar to Station House, for hosting various events and gatherings.

6. Partner With Local Events Or Implement Events Calendar

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of organizing a local event, similar to the apprehension you experienced when attempting to order from McDonald’s dollar menu for the first time? If so, you may want to explore the option of collaborating with a local event.

One example of such collaboration can be observed with Suncoast Credit Union, who not only sponsored the event but also offered a discounted VIP experience.

In a similar vein, Atlanta’s Marriott Hotel also exemplified this approach.

Additionally, the implementation of an Events Calendar greatly enhanced the performance of Charley Creek Inn, a prestigious boutique hotel, as evidenced by a remarkable 81% surge in organic website traffic. This notable achievement was made possible through the expertise of Milestone, a renowned industry leader.

It is worth mentioning that even without the financial means to sponsor local events, Charley Creek Inn managed to leverage their significance by actively engaging in discussions about these events. A prime illustration of this approach can be seen in the comprehensive report put compiled by LaunchMetrics, a prominent digital agency based in New York.

This report provides valuable insights into the latest digital trends witnessed during the esteemed NY Fashion Week.

7. Blog Content

The realm of blog content is where remarkable transformations occur. For local enterprises aspiring to thrive in the competitive local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), cultivating an engaged blog can work wonders in enhancing their rankings.

Feeling uncertain about the topic to explore? Allow me to inspire you with some initial ideas:

New Location Announcement

A blog post entry has been published by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream detailing the opening of their latest establishment in Wrigley.


Jeffcot Law provides comprehensive information on the legislative framework surrounding marijuana regulations in the state of Ohio.

Product Announcements

Evergreen Home Heating and Energy is excited to unveil the revolutionary Trane product that promises to enhance the heating experience in Seattle homes.

Interviews & Testimonials

Asana conducts interviews with their clients to gather valuable testimonials.

8. ‘Best Of’ Guides

When compiling a compilation of the top choices in a particular category, it is essential to consider the words of rapper T.I., who famously said, “You can have whatever you like.” This sentiment holds true when it comes to creating a “best of” list, where the goal is to provide readers with exactly what they desire on a given topic.

A prime example of this is demonstrated by Tim Capper, the esteemed Director of Search at Online Ownership. He successfully devised a series of city location guides for a taxi company, resulting in a remarkable increase of 99 spots in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.

These comprehensive guides were designed to cater to the diverse preferences of readers by offering valuable resources such as downloadable Google Maps, informative videos featuring dashcam tips from experienced taxi drivers, airport guides, and much more.

To illustrate the effectiveness of this approach, one can look at the remarkable coffee guides created by Coffeebar. These guides provide an exceptional wealth of information and recommendations for coffee enthusiasts, ensuring that readers can indulge in their passion for coffee while staying well-informed.

9. Press Pages

The press pages of companies often go unnoticed, similar to how we might overlook a Wendy’s restaurant amidst the plethora of fast food options available. However, upon encountering WeWork’s press page, I was enthrall by the fascinating array of images showcasing their various locations.

The inclusion of such local content on their press page not only piques my interest but also evokes a sense of admiration and enthusiasm.

Content Can Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Due to the evolution of local algorithms and the dynamic adjustments of search result features to match consumer behavior, local SEO strategies have undergone a significant transformation. The conventional approach of incorporating your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) into webpages solely to improve map pack rankings is now obsolete.

In today’s landscape, local SEO tools demands a more comprehensive approach. It entails crafting city-specific landing pages and press pages that revolve around user intent.

Such content creation practices have superseded the outdated strategy of simply displaying NAP information. If you continue publishing identical blog content day after day since your business’s inception, it is high time to explore alternative avenues.

To enrich your local business’s online presence, we present nine innovative content creation ideas. These suggestions will not only diversify your content but also enhance your chances of reaching your target audience effectively.

In Conclusion

By incorporating these 9 types of content into your local SEO strategy, you can increase your search visibility in your community and attract more in your customer base. Remember to create content that is specific to your local area and target audience, and to consistently update and optimize your content to stay relevant.

With the right approach to local content, you can boost your local SEO rankings and establish your business as a trusted and essential part of your community.

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