In today’s digital landscape, optimizing for local search is crucial for businesses of all sizes. With the majority of consumers turning to search engines to find local products and services, it has become essential for businesses to have a strong marketing efforts and search presence in local search results.

This is where local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Local SEO strategies focus on optimizing a website’s content and online presence to increase visibility and attract potential customers in a specific geographic area. While there are various methods to improve local SEO, one effective approach is through creating content tailored to the local audience.

In this article, we will explore the 9 types of content that can drive significant results in local SEO efforts, helping businesses to connect with their target audience and stand out in local search results.

From local keywords to customer positive reviews, we will delve into the different types of content that can make a significant impact on local SEO and provide tips on how to optimize each one for maximum results. So, let’s dive in and discover how to effectively leverage content to enhance your local SEO strategy.

Countless Hours Searching For The Best Options

In my quest for the finest Mexican cuisine, I’ve spent countless business hours of operation searching for the best options, scrolling through Instagram posts, and seeking advice from local bloggers.

However, when it comes to finding the ultimate taco experience, I always find myself returning to Google.

While perusing through Google, I come across various features such as Google Business Profile, Google Map, and local reviews, which provide me with the necessary information.

Regrettably, local websites seem to be getting pushed further down in the local search engine results pages (SERPs).

Interestingly, in 2020, over 65% of Google searches resulted in users finding the information they needed directly from the search results page, a significant increase from 2019’s 50%.

This means that your website now takes a backseat to Google Business Profile and other search result features.

A Straightforward Process

Gone are the days when ranking for local SEO was a straightforward process – simply adding your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) to the footer and building a few online directories or directory links. That used to be enough to secure a spot in the local 7-pack.

Nowadays, the 7-pack has been replaced by a 3-pack, and relying solely on local directory links is no longer sufficient.

To improve your position in local SEO search results and compete with zero click results, you must focus on creating valuable local content.

Still skeptical? Consider the success stories of, which saw a nearly 300% increase in traffic by generating custom local content, and Search Geek Solutions, who achieved a 300% boost in organic visibility for Bloomfield Dental Designs through the development of local content.

By producing high-quality local content, you can rank for less competitive, local keywords.

To assist you in keeping your website current with local content and fueling your local SEO strategy, I have compiled a list of nine different types of local content that you can adopt for your own business.

But before we delve into that, let’s explore some important considerations.

Understanding Local SEO Content

Local SEO content refers to the strategic creation of text, images, and even videos that are tailored to cater to the needs of local searchers. This type of content can be found on various platforms such as your website, local landing pages, and your Google Business Profile, among others.

For businesses that specifically target a particular area or zip code, all the content present on their website is intended to cater to the local residents.

However, it is important to note that there is no magical solution in local SEO content that can instantly bring in more local foot traffic to your business. The key difference between regular “content” and “local content” lies in the organic search intent underlying the queries.

Consider The Local Users, Entities, and Semantic Relationships

When creating local SEO content, it is crucial to consider the local users, entities, and semantic relationships in order to establish a deeper connection. This goes beyond simply incorporating local-based relevant keywords into your blog post or blog content. When executed correctly, this approach can yield significant results.

For example, Exposure Ninja experienced a remarkable 900% increase in target keyword visibility after two years of producing local-focused blog content for an accounting firm. Similarly, Dallas SEO Dogs successfully enhanced organic traffic for a local bar named HIDE by eliminating outdated keyword stuffing techniques and enhancing thin content, resulting in a 72% boost in organic traffic.

These examples demonstrate the impact of effective local SEO content strategies and highlight the importance of understanding and catering to the needs of local searchers.

Discover the Art of Crafting Local SEO Content

In the hypothetical scenario where Willy Wonka, the iconic character known for his chocolate factory, embraced his SEO expertise and decided to establish a local SEO agency instead, it is important to note that local SEO content does not share the same enchantment as the Golden Ticket in his chocolate factory.

However, search engines do provide valuable insights that can enhance the visibility of your high-quality content and valuable content in local search results. In this regard, we present you with four well-established recommendations for crafting effective local SEO content.

1. Use Schema Markup

As the Google search results continue to evolve, becoming more dynamic and interactive, the significance of schema becomes increasingly pronounced. Schema serves as a vital tool for enabling algorithms to comprehend the intricate connections between different content elements.

Through the inclusion of schema markup within your local business, author profiles, and other relevant entities, you effectively emphasize and showcase your level of expertise and authority in the respective field.

2. Incorporate Regional Expressions into Your Written Material

In order to effectively strategize your content, conducting thorough local keyword research is crucial. However, it is equally important to grasp the context and relevance of the overarching topic associated with those keyword phrases.

By adopting a holistic approach and considering your business as a whole, while incorporating local references strategically, you can achieve remarkable outcomes in terms of local SEO content.

For instance, let’s take a look at the successful collaboration between Kanuka Digital and PlumbGas. Kanuka Digital implemented optimization techniques on primary navigation pages, meta titles, and meta descriptions, focusing on key local phrases.

This resulted in a staggering 400% increase in goal conversions within the initial month.

3. Write As You Talk

Voice search has been a longstanding feature in local SEO, and its prevalence is noteworthy. An impressive 75% of individuals who possess smart speakers utilize this technology on a weekly basis to seek out local businesses.

To effectively cater to this audience, adopting a conversational tone in your writing becomes advantageous. By doing so, you can specifically address the longer voice search queries within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. Images Are Your Unsung Hero

Local SEO often overlooks the potential impact of images. However, considering the increasing dominance of mobile search, it is crucial to optimize your images specifically for mobile search results.

To enhance your chances of ranking well in local mobile search, it is advisable to incorporate distinctive images, rather than generic stock photos, which are presented in a square format. Furthermore, make sure to provide proper alt text and schema markup for your images.

Avoid relying solely on stock photos. Instead, opt for compelling and original images that not only complement your overall relevant content but also contribute to creating a more engaging narrative.

9 Examples Of Content For Local SEO

1. City-Specific Landing Page

Are you up for an exciting challenge? Can you achieve high search ranking factors for local keyword terms even without a dedicated webpage for a physical location or specific location? While it is indeed possible to accomplish this feat with relentless effort and sleepless nights, the task becomes much simpler and more efficient if you have a dedicated location webpage.

For those running a local business with multiple locations, it’s worth taking a cue from the success of Denny’s. This renowned restaurant chain has adopted a smart strategy by creating separate webpages for each of their locations.

Let’s explore the example of Denny’s New Port Richey, Florida location page to understand the benefits and potential it offers.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams serves as a prime illustration of exceptional quality. Notably, Jeni’s incorporates discussions about nearby prominent sites and city centers, all while showcasing exclusive local visuals.

Furthermore, the esteemed establishment known as Roto-Rooter has entered the fray, as they have graciously unveiled their dedicated page for their New York branch.

2. State Or Regional Landing Page

Generating enthusiasm among clients for producing additional content can be challenging. However, in the realm of local SEO, the role of content can be pivotal in determining whether you can ascend from Page 2 or 3 to the coveted Page 1.

If the notion of crafting numerous location-specific pages seems overwhelming, you can begin by focusing on a particular city or region where your business operates.

A great case in point is Airbnb’s dedicated webpage for Miami. On this page, they have curated city-specific content that revolves around the topic of staying in Miami. The content aligns seamlessly with users’ search intent, providing them with relevant information. Simply continue scrolling to explore further.

I’ve come across numerous instances of local content silos, but this particular example stands out as one of the finest.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Incfile, a company similar to LegalZoom but with superior offerings, has successfully constructed pages dedicated to specific states.

To provide full transparency, it is worth mentioning that Incfile was a client during my time with First Page Strategy.

Prior to creating these state location pages, our team conducted an extensive analysis of buyer personas to gain a thorough understanding of their target audience.

Incfile, recognizing the potential to enhance their customers’ user experience, implemented state location pages. The outcome was not only a significant boost in organic traffic but also a notable improvement in conversions.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has recently published an informative blog entry, shedding light on the exciting addition of their new Wrigley location.3. FAQ Pages

FAQ pages serve as a valuable resource for accessing a wide range of localized SEO content. Allow me to present a selection of illustrative FAQ pages tailored specifically for local businesses. Notably, Handy diligently incorporates FAQs within its service pages to cater to your informational needs.’

The FAQs section is exclusively dedicated to answering inquiries at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

4. Specials

Local business owners highly value specials and discounts as they are incredibly beneficial for their success. In the current era of savvy shoppers, it seems like everyone has become an expert at finding the best deals (including myself).

To truly meet the desires of your customers, it is crucial to tailor your specials and discounts specifically for the local residents in your area. This approach is particularly exemplified by hotels, which have mastered the art of catering to their guests’ needs.

An excellent illustration of this can be seen with Hotel Chicago, who goes the extra mile by offering a convenient parking package. By providing this service, they not only attract more customers but also enhance their overall experience.

Furthermore, Disney offers exclusive passes and discounts exclusively for individuals residing in the local vicinity.

When you provide a discount that is specific to a particular location, you are effectively targeting and engaging your local customer base. This approach not only creates a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity for them, but also helps to establish a strong connection with your community.

In the competitive pursuit of reaching the pinnacle of local search engine results pages (SERPs), every discount, no matter how modest it may seem, plays a significant role. These seemingly small incentives can greatly impact your visibility and prominence, giving you an edge over your competitors in the local market.

5. Host Local Events

Each Friday, like clockwork, I eagerly delve into my Facebook events to discover the exciting happenings scheduled for the upcoming weekend. Without fail, there is always a plethora of options, be it a lively festival, a rejuvenating yoga class, or even a heartwarming charity dog wash.

As a marketer, I find immense satisfaction in witnessing local businesses utilizing Facebook events to generate awareness. However, there is one aspect that leaves me slightly disheartened – the absence of these events on their respective websites. Alas, this is a missed opportunity!

When local events are not announced on a business’s website, it signifies a loss of significant local SEO benefits. The potential for enhanced search visibility and higher search engine rankings within the local community are regrettably squandered.

Allow me to illustrate this point with the example of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in the vibrant city of Austin. This remarkable establishment seamlessly combines their exceptional cheese offerings with an array of captivating classes and events, enriching the experience for their valued customers. By effectively incorporating these events onto their website, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop not only attracts a wider audience but also maximizes their local SEO mojo.

In conclusion, it is crucial for businesses hosting local events to ensure their online presence aligns with their offline activities. By embracing the power of announcing events on their websites, they can tap into the immense potential of local SEO and truly flourish within their community.

A Remarkable Opportunity

Discover a remarkable opportunity to engage with the vibrant beer culture of St. Petersburg, Florida by embracing the captivating presence of Green Bench Brewing. Immerse yourself in their enriching world every Wednesday as they warmly welcome guests to their esteemed event, Hospitality Wednesdays.

Alternatively, you have the option to lease your premises as a venue for various events, much like the renowned Station House.

6. Partner With Local Events Or Implement Events Calendar

If the thought of organizing a local event feels like a daunting task, similar to your initial attempt at ordering from the dollar menu at McDonald’s, there is an alternative solution to consider: collaborating with a local event.

For instance, take inspiration from Suncoast Credit Union. By serving as sponsors for the event, they not only supported its execution but also offered a discounted VIP experience.

For instance, the Marriott located in Atlanta also followed a similar course of action.

Furthermore, the implementation of an Events Calendar by Milestone proved to be highly effective in boosting the organic traffic of Charley Creek Inn, an esteemed luxury boutique hotel. Remarkably, this improvement in the content management system led to a substantial increase of 81%.

It is worth noting that if financial constraints prevent you from sponsoring local events, it is equally beneficial to engage in discussions about such events. To illustrate, LaunchMetrics, a renowned digital agency headquartered in New York, conducted an extensive study focusing on the prevailing digital trends observed during NY Fashion Week.

7. Blog Content

The realm of blog content holds immense potential for local businesses striving to thrive in the local search engine results pages (SERPs). By maintaining an active and dynamic blog, businesses can witness a noticeable enhancement in their rankings.

To ignite your creativity and prompt your writing endeavors, allow us to present a range of ideas that will serve as excellent starting points:

New Location Announcement

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has recently published an informative blog entry, shedding light on the exciting addition of their new Wrigley location.


Discover comprehensive insights on the legislation surrounding marijuana in Ohio through the enlightening expertise of Jeffcot Law.

Product Announcements

Evergreen Home Heating and Energy divulges the remarkable enhancements that a cutting-edge Trane product will bring to the realm of Seattle home heating.

Interviews & Testimonials

As part of their client evaluation process, Asana conducts interviews to gather customer testimonials from their valued customers.

8. ‘Best Of’ Guides

When compiling a compilation of the finest examples, I am reminded of the words of rapper T.I., who once said, “You can have whatever you like.”

When constructing a comprehensive list, the aim is to provide readers with a guide that caters to their specific preferences on a given topic.

An exemplary illustration of this approach can be observed in the work of Tim Capper, the Director of Search at Online Ownership. He successfully elevated the visibility of a taxi company’s SEO keywords by an astounding 99 positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This accomplishment was made possible through the creation of a hub containing city location guides.

These guides encompassed a variety of valuable resources such as downloadable Google Maps, informative videos featuring tips from experienced taxi drivers captured on dashcams, comprehensive airport guides, and much more.

To further exemplify the versatility and effectiveness of this approach, the Coffeebar has also developed an array of impressive coffee guides.

9. Press Pages

The press pages of companies can be compared to the Wendy’s of the fast food industry – often overlooked and disregarded. However, upon discovering WeWork’s press page, I found myself captivated by the stunning images showcasing their various locations.

The online presence of such localized content not only piques my interest, but also evokes a strong desire to experience it firsthand.

Content Can Improve Your Local Search Rankings

The landscape of local SEO has experienced a significant transformation due to evolving local algorithms and search result features that cater to consumer behavior. Gone are the days when merely including your business’s name, address, and phone number on webpages would suffice for ranking in map packs.

Now, local SEO demands a more comprehensive approach, involving content focused on city-specific landing pages and intent-driven press pages.

To avoid stagnation and ensure the continued growth of your business, it is crucial to move away from publishing repetitive blog content. Instead, consider exploring these nine innovative content creation ideas tailored specifically for local businesses.

In Conclusion

Optimizing for local search is crucial for businesses looking to attract customers in their area. By incorporating the 9 types of content mentioned in this post – including local keywords, customer reviews, and location-specific landing pages – businesses can improve their local SEO rankings and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions.

Keep in mind that local search is constantly evolving, so it’s important to regularly review and update your content strategy to stay ahead of the competition and continue to attract local customers. With a strong local SEO strategy, businesses can increase their online visibility and reach their target audience more effectively.

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