In today’s digital age, having a strong visual presence is essential for businesses. To stand out and attract potential customers and active users. One of the most powerful ways to achieve this is through a Google Business Profile. Which showcases a proper licensing, company’s information, reviews, and photos in search results or search queries and Google Maps.

While many businesses may overlook the importance of their profile photos. They can actually make a significant impact on a customer’s decision to engage with a company.

In this article, we will delve into the world of visual marketing and provide a comprehensive guide to creating 30 unique and eye-catching illustrated photos for your Google Business Profile.

From understanding the importance of visual marketing to utilizing various design techniques. This guide will equip businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to create a visually appealing and memorable online presence. Whether you are a small business owner or a marketing professional. This article will serve as your go-to resource for mastering visual marketing and elevating your Google Business Profile to new heights.

The Significant Impact

The local business you are marketing may find great motivation. In realizing the significant impact that stocking their Google Business Profile with photos can have on their profits. While the technical guidelines or the standard video player guidelines and general recommendations provided in the linked source are informative. They lack visual representation and may not fully stimulate your creative thinking.

Today, we aim to bridge that gap and assist you. In transforming the photo section of your listings into one of the most compelling and influential components of your local business digital marketing strategy and content marketing strategy.

While engaging a Google-trusted photographer for a professional photo shoot is a viable option to consider. Our focus today will be on the shots you can capture using your own phone or camera.

Prepare to be inspired as we present 30 exceptional photos showcasing local brands that have mastered the art of visual storytelling.

On The Premises

1.Exterior photos

Image of old Italian restaurant with large sign, showing the entirety of the building in good lighting.

The inclusion of an exterior photograph of Dinucci’s Restaurant. Capturing its distinctive features to facilitate easy recognition for all potential visitors. Holds immense significance as the foremost image within your profile. It is crucial to ensure that your signage is prominently displayed, the lighting is optimal, and the image itself is exceptionally clear.

For numerous brick-and-mortar brands, the exterior shot should serve as the cover photo for your listing. Subsequently, you can conveniently upload for business accounts. This cover photo can upload through the “Add Photo” tab within your New Merchant Experience management tool. Accessible upon signing into your Google account and searching for your business or business+city to manage your listing.

In the event that your business operates within the service sector. It is advisable to consider featuring a cover photo that exemplifies your company’s expertise. Such as a distinctive company vehicle or a visually captivating portrayal of a successfully accomplished project.

2. Neighborhood photo

Emulate the example set by Avenue Yarns and capture a photograph from a greater distance. Capturing a prominent nearby edifice that can be readily identified. In this instance, a conspicuous church stands as a notable landmark adjacent to your location, and an image of this nature can assist patrons. Effortlessly locating your establishment on the bustling thoroughfare.

3. Interior photos without people

Wide view of an empty, well-lit restaurant

Certain clients may desire a pristine vantage point of your establishment. Devoid of any human presence, as it aids them in envisioning themselves within the environment. Ravens Restaurant expertly accomplishes this feat through an expansive, immaculate, and luminous portrayal of its interior. Impeccably prepared to accommodate every esteemed visitor.

4. Interior photos with people

View of a restaurant filled with customers dining and walking around

Emulate the success achieved by Greens Restaurant. By providing customers with an immersive experience through the use of visually captivating photographs showcasing your establishment during peak hours. This strategic approach will not only enable customers to discern the ambiance of your business but also aid them in envisioning themselves within its dynamic environment.

5. Common area photos

photo of common area at Cashel Palace Hotel

Numerous establishments encompass communal spaces. For instance, renowned establishments like the Cashel Palace Hotel proudly boast a shared lounge area, which, as depicted in this captivating photograph, exudes an ambiance that is both inviting and comforting – bathed in ample light, exquisitely cozy, impeccably maintained, and generously spacious.

Notably, it is not only hospitality establishments that offer such amenities; auto repair shops, elder care homes, medical offices, and a plethora of other businesses catering to clientele who necessitate a waiting area also feature designated lounges.

If your establishment houses a public waiting room, an onsite fitness facility, a serene swimming pool, a dedicated dog park, a vibrant children’s play area, or any other communal space, it is imperative to capture its essence through skillful photography, thereby substantiating your unwavering commitment to ensure the utmost comfort and satisfaction of your esteemed clientele.

6. Room photos

Photo of bedroom at Cashel Palace Hotel

The Cashel Palace Hotel continues to excel with their impeccable portrayal of one of their rooms, displaying a pristine and minimalist ambiance. Every form of accommodation, regardless of its duration or purpose, should prioritize the utmost attention to capturing outstanding photographs of their rooms.

Amenities, features, and information

7. Amenities shots

View of diners eating out-of-doors while the business owner gives an educational talk

Capture every facet of your business that exudes warmth, attentiveness, and utmost satisfaction for your esteemed clientele. The visual representation of Cafe Ohlone impeccably showcases their al fresco dining experience, complemented by enlightening moments where the staff imparts knowledge on Indigenous culture. Your array of amenities may encompass:

  • Accessibility for individuals with disabilities
  • Lavatories for the convenience of all patrons
  • Services and facilities catering to families with children
  • Ample parking provisions
  • COVID safety measures, such as designated masked hours, delivery options, or curbside pickup
  • Outdoor service to embrace the beauty of nature
  • Provision of services in multiple languages

Modes of Payment

  • Accepted modes of payment for seamless transactions
  • Live entertainment to enliven the atmosphere
  • Special events, including informative lectures or engaging workshops
  • Breathtaking vistas for a truly immersive experience
  • In-room dining services for added convenience
  • Extended operating hours to cater to late-night patrons
  • Personalized one-on-one service to create an exceptional customer experience
  • Complimentary transportation for the convenience of your valued guests
  • Exclusive hours or discounts tailored to various groups, such as seniors’ shopping day with a delightful 10% off
  • Thoughtful offerings or services for memorable occasions, like complimentary birthday cake or exclusive private banquet rooms
  • Provision of a pet-friendly environment to accommodate your furry companions

Immerse your customers in an unparalleled experience. Ensuring that every aspect of their visit is meticulously tailored to their needs and desires.

8. Longevity Photos

Image of an historic hotel

One effective method of highlighting your proficiency is through the display of photographs that exemplify your business’s extensive heritage. In this instance, we can observe the longstanding establishment of the Union Hotel, which has been in operation since the year 1879.

Furthermore, their gallery encompasses a remarkable collection of historic monochrome images that capture the essence of their premises.

Old photo of an historic hotel

To substantiate the enduring existence of your enterprise, capture photographic evidence of your business edifice, fleet of vehicles, promotional materials, or any other tangible assets bearing the imprint of your establishment’s inception year. The protracted survival of numerous enterprises is commonly attributable to the gratification of their esteemed clientele.

9. Mission statement photos

A blackboard in a restaurant presents the mission statement of the business regarding Indigenous food.

One effective strategy to clearly communicate your company’s mission statement to prospective customers is by prominently displaying a dedicated sign at your business premises, similar to the exemplary approach adopted by Wahpepah’s Kitchen.

Capturing a photograph of this sign can serve as an impactful visual representation of your intent when people view your business listing. It is worth contemplating the installation of such a feature if you currently lack this powerful tool.

10. Attribute photos

Window signage proudly proclaims that a business is Native American owned.

The presence of the phrase “Native American Owned” boldly showcased on the window of Wahpepah’s Kitchen emanates a resounding message of distinct identity and unparalleled proficiency. This astute visual representation, when incorporated into a Google listing, holds immense value in portraying your business’s fervent pride in being Indigenous-owned, Black-owned, Women-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned, family-owned, or possessing other remarkable attributes.

By leveraging carefully curated photographs, your establishment can expeditiously communicate these distinctive aspects to potential customers, enabling them to readily comprehend and appreciate your business’s exceptional qualities.

11. Company Vehicles

A clear shot of a van at a house shows company signage on the vehicle.

Demonstrate the credibility and trustworthiness of your local service-based enterprise by capturing photographs of the prominent company vehicles that your esteemed clientele can anticipate at their residential or commercial premises, should they opt for your services. A commendable illustration of this can be witnessed in the remarkable efforts of DoitGreen Carpet Cleaning, as they present a well-composed image featuring a prominently displayed business logo and other signage on their vehicle.

There exists a multitude of techniques that can be employed to enhance the local indicators of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) specific to your area of operation.

12. Uniformed Staff

An employee of Roto-Rooter wears their uniform with company logo and name.

In a similar vein, it is advisable to capture visual evidence of your staff donning uniforms during their visits to customer residences and commercial establishments, emulating the example set by Roto-Rooter. Such documentation serves to augment the level of trust instilled in customers, reassuring them that a bona fide representative of your esteemed organization stands at their threshold.

13. Experience photos

Customers enjoying a guided canoe trip

Please take note of the accompanying photograph courtesy of Redwood Yurok Canoe Tours, which authentically captures customers immersing themselves in the exceptional service provided.

It is essential to be cautious of generic stock imagery attempting to replicate genuine experiences, as it cannot substitute the impact of bespoke visuals depicting your unique operations.

The initial ‘E’ in Google’s E-A-T principle signifies “experience” and relies upon individuals having firsthand encounters with your enterprise. Images play a pivotal role in substantiating this notion. Furthermore, they possess the power to vividly convey the personal sensations associated with engaging in various aspects of a business, thereby enabling potential customers to envision themselves relishing and reaping the benefits of your exceptional service.

14. Selfie Opportunity Photos

A picturesque covered bridge in Vermont makes a great selfie photo opportunity

If your establishment is fortunate enough to possess a designated area for memorable photo opportunities, such as The Vermont Country Store’s charming covered bridge, or if you have exerted creative efforts to establish a designated selfie-spot, effectively showcasing this distinctive attribute can serve as a powerful catalyst for enticing customers to not only grace your premises but also encourage them to share their captivating images.

This strategic approach offers a remarkable means to substantiate the ‘E’ (experience) component of Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) framework, thereby enhancing the reputation and appeal of your business.

15. Hours of operation photos

A photo of store hours as displayed on a shop front window

Indeed, while your GBP does provide information regarding your hours of operation, it is worth noting that customers tend to overlook such details when browsing through the type of content displayed such as visual content or sharing video content. Therefore, the inclusion of a photograph as a gentle reminder can greatly aid potential customers in their decision-making process.

Consider capturing an image of your storefront, reminiscent of the ‘T’ in trustworthiness within the realm of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). However, I would strongly recommend incorporating an additional element either within the signage or within the photograph itself, urging individuals to contact your establishment for inquiries regarding holiday hours.

It is imperative to acknowledge that, for numerous businesses, there exist specific days throughout the year where availability deviates from regular operating hours.

Product and service photos

16. Shelfies

Up-close view of a shelf of inventory

Enable customers to preview your inventory prior to their visit, similar to the Village Sock Shop’s exemplification through an assortment of stockings adorned with delightful dog-themed designs. These visual representations, referred to as “shelfies,” can encompass both intricate close-ups, as depicted above, or widen their scope to showcase the vastness of your product range, as demonstrated in this illustration.

View of multiple shelves of inventory

17. Individual Product Photos

Individual product photo on a shelf.

Please capture images of our top ten best-selling products to showcase their availability at Good Earth Natural Foods. By visually displaying these items on our shelves, we aim to instill confidence in our customers that they can conveniently find these sought-after products in our shop.

However, exercise caution when photographing items that are not consistently in stock as it may cause customer disappointment. Prioritize products that are regularly replenished and highly demanded by our community.

Furthermore, consider the inclusion of prices in the product photos with careful deliberation, as they are often subject to change.

18. Appetizing photos

An appetizing image of uneaten soup with a spoon and chopsticks on a clean table

This advice primarily pertains to establishments in the food industry, although it can be applicable to any business center that deals with food. It is important to note that customer-uploaded photos may not always be visually appealing.

Images depicting smeared plates, partially consumed meals, or inadequate lighting might not accurately represent your menu or brand in a favorable light.

To showcase your main offerings in the most visually appealing and enticing manner, it is crucial to obtain the clearest and most appetizing images possible. For instance, take a moment to observe the soup displayed above from Millennium Restaurant.

This image portrays a freshly served meal, impeccably illuminated, and thoughtfully arranged on an uncluttered, pristine table. Remember that personal preferences vary; however, it is a recommended standard practice to highlight both cleanliness and deliciousness when presenting food photographs.

By doing so, these images demonstrate the expertise in the E-E-A-T model (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) of your business, as evaluated by Google.

19. Staff At Work

An action photo of staff cleaning a carpet with machinery

Highlight your company’s exceptional know-how, just as DoitGreen Carpet Cleaning does, by capturing captivating visuals of your team members in action. Observe the dynamic stance of the technician portrayed here, alongside the presence of tools and vehicles that signify their unwavering dedication to hard work.

This genre of photography is equally applicable to both physical establishments and service-oriented enterprises, whether it entails showcasing a hairstylist perfecting a haircut, a gutter cleaner diligently performing their duties, a kitchen remodeler transforming a social space or popular space, or a skilled baker adorning a cake with finesse.

These images epitomize the epitome of expertise, denoted by the letter “E.” As always, it is imperative to utilize authentic visuals rather than generic stock photographs to convey the genuine essence of your business.

20. Work-in-progress photos

A closeup of a staff member weaving

Photographs showcasing the final outcome can indeed possess immense appeal. Nevertheless, for those endeavors demanding a profound display of specialized prowess, it becomes imperative to underscore expertise by depicting one’s team engrossed in the very fabric of a project.

A prime exemplar of this is The Caning Shop, wherein a staff member adeptly weaves a caned textile, effectively conveying their proficiency.

Within the realm of content across platforms or the social media platforms such as Instagram teem with an abundance of natural colors of imagery and organic video capabilities, cinematic lighting and warm lighting artisans diligently crafting their masterpieces. The decision to unveil the intricate process rather than solely presenting the finished product stems from the realization that witnessing work gradually take form possesses the power to captivate and stimulate an audience.

21. Dramatic Before-and-After Shots

Before-and-after image of a dirty floor made clean

When presenting your completed work, adopt a technique employed by Mother Nature’s Carpet Cleaning that truly astonishes the observer. Highlight the transformative impact your service has on customers, akin to the profound changes witnessed in nature.

Furthermore, I strongly advocate for the incorporation of your logo into your social content and visual content. By branding photographs with your distinctive emblem, you consistently reinforce your company’s identity in the minds of potential clients during their browsing experience.

Repetition plays a pivotal role in enhancing memory retention, rendering this a highly effective strategy.

22. Completed Projects

A gorgeous photo of a remodeled room overlooking the sea

In addition to showcasing the expertise of professionals and presenting captivating transformations, imagery of completed projects holds an enchanting quality. The exceptional renovation accomplished by Aum Construction serves as an inspiring testament that would captivate the interest of any prospective client.

The inclusion of a logo within this masterpiece would undoubtedly elevate it into a remarkable advertisement, highlighting the unwavering “E” (expertise) exhibited by the business.

Staff, customer, and sentiment photos

23. Owner or practitioner photos

A friendly image of two top practitioners at an optometry practice

Displaying captivating photographs showcasing the proprietor and proficient professionals at your establishment serves as tangible evidence that genuine and amiable individuals comprise your workforce.

I find great appreciation for the relaxed authenticity captured in this image featuring Danny Y. Lin, MD from Pacific Eye Associates. It exudes an uncontrived aura, leaving no room for confusion as a generic stock photo.

The nature of your enterprise will dictate the appropriate ambiance to convey through your staff photography. Additionally, augmenting these visuals with the names of your esteemed staff members will foster a sense of familiarity and connection with your esteemed clientele.

24. Whole staff photos

A whole staff photo in which members are holding up signs that read creating beautiful smiles

The photograph provided by Ukiah Family Dentistry effectively conveys the professional demeanor and amicable nature of their entire team. This visual representation alludes to the likelihood of a business operating under the practice of a solo dentist, complemented by a competent support staff.

The deliberate effort taken to pose for the camera further exemplifies their commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere for patients. It is essential to consider the nature of your own business when determining the appropriate tone for such imagery, be it formal or convivial.

25. Photos of staff interacting with customers

A dentist poses with their patient who has been given an award reading super patient.

The captured image showcases the esteemed Sharon L. Albright, DDS, bestowing an accolade upon a patient, emanating a sense of warmth and informality. This photograph possesses the potential to alleviate the anxieties of potential customers who harbor nervousness surrounding dental visits, assuring them that they will be under the compassionate care of this reputable establishment.

Kindly seek the consent of your esteemed clientele to engage in photographic documentation, capturing their interactions with our proficient staff. By doing so, we aim to exemplify our unparalleled expertise and unwavering trustworthiness.

Avoid the error of substituting generic stock photos, as genuine interactions will serve as a powerful testament to the authenticity of our business.

26. Photos of customers loving your business

A multi-generational group enjoying ice cream together at an ice cream parlour.

If your clientele consists of contented individuals who would be amenable to being captured in photographs while relishing your establishment, such as the gathering portrayed here at JoMa’s Artisan Ice Cream, it is advantageous to exhibit these instances. This not only serves as a testament to the quality of the experience provided but also indirectly establishes a sense of authority, as these patrons acknowledge the trustworthiness of your establishment in delivering exceptional service.

27. Reviews

A photo of a completed kitchen remodeling job overlaid with a review from the customer praising the work

Utilize your finest reviews and present them prominently just as Edri Construction exemplifies. The profound influence of witnessing a customer’s commendation in connection with a product or service cannot be overstated. It is indeed a strategic maneuver that tends to be underestimated, capable of yielding remarkable outcomes.

Moreover, why not elevate this approach to the next level by seamlessly integrating photographs capturing customers’ genuine adoration for your enterprise with the simultaneous recording of their testimonial? Allow me to provide a fictitious illustration of how this concept could be applied to a hypothetical dry cleaning establishment:

A sample image of a fictitious dry cleaner showing a customer in his cleaned suit alongside a testimonial from him.

The remarkable advantage of this particular approach lies in its ability to leverage testimonials without violating any policies. Although it remains prohibited to upload customer reviews directly to your Google Business Profile, there is no hindrance to converting these testimonials into visually appealing images.

While this may require some coordination and the utilization of a program such as Canva to craft these customized cards, the result can be a striking and influential representation of your customers’ sentiments. It is imperative to have nurtured genuine relationships with your clientele, as their own words hold immense credibility.

In fact, a notable 68% of survey participants express a higher level of trust in customer testimonies compared to what a business asserts about itself. This compelling statistic should undoubtedly influence your content marketing strategy.

Logos, ads, and special scenarios

28. Logo photos

An image of the Roto-Rooter logo

Upon claiming your Google Business Profile, ensure that all essential details such as name, address, phone number, and operating hours are accurately provided. By completing these basic fields, you will gain access to the option of uploading a logo image.

This can be achieved through the New Merchant Experience dashboard, which serves as your centralized platform for managing your listing. To locate this feature, navigate to the “Add Photo” tab, where you will find the corresponding option resembling the following visual representation:

A screenshot of the New Merchant Experience interface that enables you to upload a logo to your Google Business Profile

Follow in the footsteps of Roto-Rooter and enhance brand recognition by seamlessly integrating your logo into your online presence.

29. Ads

An ad introduces a new service from a cabinet restoration business, with text over a photo

Are you ready to unveil your latest service or product line? Consider leveraging the power of ads within users, video ads specs and the use of Canva to design a captivating mini-advertisement that highlights your offering, just like Onsite Wood Wizard did for their exceptional kitchen cabinet restoration service.

Appreciate how they skillfully incorporated the element of “E” (experience) to demonstrate their impressive 40-year tenure in the industry. Within a single image, they effectively convey essential information such as a compelling slogan, a user-friendly URL, a readily accessible phone number, and a convenient email address.

This engaging type artistic creation essentially serves as a comprehensive brochure, all encapsulated within a visually appealing GBP image.

Furthermore, this format is exceptionally suitable for various text+photo combinations that aim to emphasize the following:

  • The unique selling proposition of your company
  • A prestigious accolade that has been bestowed upon you
  • The convenience of text-based support that you offer
  • An exclusive promotion or compelling deal
  • Your unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service

30. Special scenario photos

An image of pumpkins showing seasonality at a farm stand

Does the cyclic nature of seasons play a significant role in the operations of your business. Such as the example of Earthbound Farmstand, which showcases pumpkins in October and strawberries in April. Resulting in a distinct transformation of their stand throughout the year?

Perhaps your establishment emphasizes grand holiday decorations. Presenting an opportunity to exhibit these adornments as each year unfolds, accompanied by captions like “A glimpse of our December ambiance” or “Valentine’s Day enchantment at our location.”

It might be essential for your clientele to witness the ambiance of your venue both in daylight and at night. Necessitating a collection of ai-created image or ai-generated images that effectively capture the desired atmosphere. Alternatively, your restaurant may boast a dish so immensely popular that patrons incessantly request its recipe.

In such a scenario, you could opt to share it in the form of an alluring photograph, presented on a vintage recipe card.

Numerous imaginative scenarios may arise that are not encompassed by the 29 other categories of photos, as they may be truly unique to your business. For instance, your company’s mascot might be featured in a comical comic-strip-style series, evoking laughter from customers.

Alternatively, your breathtaking views may be deemed extraordinary enough to warrant a dedicated showcase. Furthermore, if your founder possesses international fame or influence, any photograph featuring them is likely to garner heightened attention.

Lastly, you may choose to upload an image expressing your profound appreciation for customer contributions to your profile, further enhancing its completeness.

An invitation to customers to upload their own photo. This one features Valentine's day candy hearts and customers' images of their wedding for a fictitious wedding venue business

In Conclusion

A photo album with blank spaces for images.

At present, it is highly probable that lackluster competitors in your industry have not yet fully availed themselves of the complimentary photograph album offered by Google through the Google Business Profile to local enterprises.

By proactively capitalizing on this opportunity, your business can truly distinguish itself in the eyes of customers. Encouragingly, there are numerous categories of photos that could be pertinent to your business model and target audience, and the advanced capabilities of mobile users using a mobile phone cameras allow for the capture of short-form video, social video and exceptional social media images in the present era.

Merely a modest investment of time and ingenuity is all that is required.

A screenshot of Google Cloud Vision API parsing the elements in a single photo, like a bicycle, door, and picture frame.

In Conclusion

I would like to offer a valuable suggestion. Throughout this article, we have emphasized the importance of social media posts and capturing images that resonate with your wider audiences and target audience, as their perception holds utmost significance. However, we have yet to delve into the aspect of optimizing your photos for Google’s comprehension.

I highly recommend subjecting some of your preferred business photographs to the scrutiny of the Google Cloud Vision API. This will enable you to ascertain whether Google accurately interprets the organic contents of your images and the video posts such as Twitter videos, TikTok video or Instagram Video .

Should any discrepancies arise, consider experimenting with different angles or enhancing the lighting. In today’s digital landscape, it is imperative to present images that are intelligible to both human users and automated systems, ultimately maximizing your visibility.

For further information on the API, you can find comprehensive details through the provided file source or the resource.

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