In today’s highly competitive business landscape, establishing trust and credibility is essential for any company to succeed. This is where the concept of E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) comes into play.

While this term may be commonly related with websites and their ranking on search engines, it is equally important for local businesses to demonstrate their E-A-T to potential customers. This is especially true in the age of digital marketing, where consumers have access to a vast pool of information and can easily research businesses before making a purchase.

In this article, we will delve into the power of local business E-A-T and explore success stories and best practices from real-life companies that have effectively implemented these principles.

From small startups to established businesses, we will showcase how building and showcasing E-A-T has helped these businesses distinguish themselves in their respective industries and gain the trust and loyalty of their customers. By the end of this article, readers will have a clear understanding of how they can harness the power of E-A-T to elevate their local businesses and achieve long-term success.

A Compilation of Indicators

Efficient E-A-T: Undoubtedly, you must have encountered various interpretations of E-E-A-T elsewhere. However, allow me to provide a concise reminder. E-E-A-T is a compilation of indicators take out from Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, representing the Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness factors that Google urges its raters to consider when assessing the quality of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Supplementary Side: On August 1, 2018, Google implemented a core update colloquially referred to as the “Medic update,” in which SEOs observed a heightened emphasis on content expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Subsequently, on December 15, 2022, Google officially introduced an “E” to the acronym, emphasizing the importance of experience.

Sample our Local Delicacy: Within the industry, a plethora of informative and motivational content has been produce regarding E-E-A-T for virtual businesses. However, today we invite you to savor the local flavors at Joe’s, where we will serve up numerous techniques for seamlessly incorporating these exceptional signals into your local search marketing endeavors.

Rest assured, I possess an abundance of real-world examples from local businesses that will assist you in devising a comprehensive array of E-E-A-T opportunities for your own ventures.

A retro-style menu of many options for proving E-E-A-T signals for local businesses, all of which are covered in the text of this article.

Experience for Local Businesses

According to Google’s guidelines, it is imperative for content to exhibit a certain level of expertise, such as through the tangible utilization of a product, personal visits to specific locations, or effectively conveying an individual’s firsthand experiences.

Experience pre-internet

Prior to the advent of the Internet, discerning travelers sought guidance from esteemed publications such as Duncan Hines’ Adventures in Good Eating or the Michelin Guide to procure genuine, firsthand evaluations of dining establishments along their journeys.

Google image results for the old Duncan Hines Adventures In Good Eating guidebook.

In the preeminent era of the internet, prior to the paramount significance bestowed upon local business assessments, numerous preliminary websites showcased sections dedicated to guestbooks or testimonials, akin to the exemplar exhibited by The French Gourmet restaurant in San Diego, California.

A customer testimonial page on a restaurant website.

Experience now

Testimonials continue to serve as a highly valuable resource in substantiating expertise, often showcasing a more intimate connection compared to alternative forms of customer feedback. However, with prominent entities such as Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Nextdoor, and Facebook heavily investing in establishing themselves as local business review platforms, establishments like The French Gourmet have successfully enhanced their expression of sentiment.

As an exemplification, they have seamlessly integrated third-party review content onto their websites, as depicted in this instance.

A website with embedded Google reviews

The feedback acquired from reputable sources such as the Google Business Profile substantiates the fact that clients have genuinely encountered and engaged with your organization on a personal level.

The Google Business Profile of a restaurant showing its reviews portion.

Sophisticated Review Acquisition sSystem

Driven local enterprises have the opportunity to integrate a sophisticated review acquisition system similar to those provided by SaaS companies like GatherUp. These businesses can take proactive measures by soliciting valuable feedback from customers on their own platforms or prominent third-party channels, mirroring the commendable approach adopted by Climate Control HVAC company based in San Antonio, Texas.

Reviews embedded on a website along with a "Review Us on Google" button.

A Significant Proportion

If a significant proportion of your loyal customers and genuine customers are providing negative reviews due to their legitimate poor experiences with your business, you should take this as a serious warning sign that your E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) may be compromised.

To illustrate, consider a scenario where your website claims to have a returns policy that gladly accepts defective merchandise for an exchange or full refund. However, if your reviews are overload with complaints from customers who have been denied refunds, it can severely impact your overall trustworthiness in the eyes of target audience or potential customers and quality raters.

If negative reviews are accumulating in your listings or if the organic search engine results for your brand are influence by customer complaints, it is mention that you familiarize yourself with the concept of Reputation Management.

While reviews certainly play a crucial role in establishing your experience, they should not be your sole reliance. Take, for example, the YouTube channel of Green Building Supply, which is an eco-friendly building supply shop based in Fairfield, Iowa, and offers nationwide shipping.

They effectively demonstrate their expertise through various means, providing an alternative approach to showcasing experience beyond customer reviews.

The YouTube channel of a building supply company that claims to test the products it sells.

Employs Visual Recordings

This compact enterprise not only asserts to have diligently conducted tests on the merchandise it offers, but also employs visual recordings to substantiate their assertions. As exemplified by this particular video, the company expounds upon the viable non-toxic caulk substitutes at their disposal, while elucidating the distinctive qualities inherent to each of these commendable alternatives.

In the event of having an extensive inventory, it may be impractical to individually assess each product. However, one feasible approach would involve capturing footage of your business personally conducting hands-on tests on select product lines, accompanied by a comprehensive explanation of the favorable attributes, thereby exemplifying the first element of Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).

Alternatively, an effective SEO strategy would entail initiating a campaign aimed at collating and showcasing customers’ own visual testimonials, such as photographs and videos, depicting their genuine experiences with your business. An exemplary illustration of this approach can be notice with patrons relishing a delectable meal at Sol Food Restaurant in the serene locale of San Rafael, California.

Alternatively, one may opt to create a meticulously crafted visual compilation featuring the articulate testimonials of esteemed clientele, an exemplary endeavor accomplished by the esteemed Oxfordshire-based Green & Company real estate agency showcased herein.

The Opportunity to Engage Influencers

Additionally, certain industries offer the opportunity to engage influencers who can provide comprehensive assessments of your enterprise. For instance, consider this exemplar video produced by the renowned YouTube channel JOLLY, wherein they pay a visit to a distinguished Scotch pie factory in Scotland.

Having renowned celebrities unexpectedly appear at your premises can significantly enhance your brand image, as exemplified in this news segment from a prominent California television network. The report highlights a commemorate musician being notice while dining at a distinguished restaurant located in the bustling San Francisco Bay Area.

The various types of content available contribute significantly to establishing the credibility of a local business as an authentic entity that has been talk down to by genuine individuals. This reflects the business’s commitment towards its products, demonstrated by the effort to thoroughly evaluate and elucidate them to potential customers.

In light of the prevalence of counterfeit business listings and fraudulent activities, facilitating the discernment of Google’s quality evaluators and potential clientele regarding the legitimacy of your business is an astute initiative to commence your E-A-T strategy.

Expertise for Local Businesses

According to Google, it is vital to ensure that the information you come across is suitable for evaluating the credibility of a website. When it comes to reputation information about topics concerning your finances, health, or safety (referred to as YMYL), it is crucial to rely on sources that possess expertise in the specific field related to that YMYL topic.

Every subject requires a distinct level and type of expertise in order to be study reliable. To illustrate, consider the following scenario: would you place more trust in advice on rewiring home electrical systems provided by a skilled electrician, or by an antique homes enthusiast who lacks knowledge in electrical wiring?

YMYL, an acronym for your-money-or-your-life, pertains to situations in which individuals’ financial, medical, or security interests are implicated, such as in the banking, medical, and security industries. The greater the stakes, the more imperative it becomes to establish one’s expertise.

Demonstrating expertise is also relevant in non-YMYL domains, where Google seeks practical, everyday knowledge rather than simply focusing on degrees or license numbers.

Expertise pre-internet

In the era preceding the advent of the internet, the embodiment of professional competence was exemplified by the dignified display of academic qualifications adorning the walls of esteemed medical practitioners and legal experts, as well as the conspicuous exhibition of official license numbers adorning corporate vehicles.

Photo of a lawyer with a framed degree from Harvard Law School.

The fish business sign exemplifies practical expertise deeply rooted in tradition, symbolizing its establishment spanning across generations.

An old sign shows that a fish business was established in 1866.

Expertise now

Credentials such as academic qualifications, licensing credentials, and years of industry experience continue to hold significance, and the significance of local business signage remains unaltered. However, the digital landscape presents a unique opportunity to showcase both one’s professional and practical expertise. Below are a few exemplary instances of leveraging this platform effectively:

A thorough profile on a web page for a dental surgeon.

Present The Esteemed Professionals

In the realm of YMYL categories, it is imperative for websites to present the esteemed professionals associated with the respective businesses and elucidate their educational qualifications, accreditations, notable achievements, prestigious accolades, affiliations, and other significant indicators of their expertise. A noteworthy example can be observed in the comprehensive profile of Dr. James D. Gearing from Sonora, California, where the website features a video interview, multiple photographs, and, naturally, any pertinent licensing numbers.

Simultaneously, while certain local businesses may not necessitate a formal degree, the substantial value of years of practical experience in a specific field cannot be underestimated from the customers’ standpoint. This is exemplified impeccably by the Cottonwood quilt shop located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The profound knowledge and hands-on expertise accumulated over time play an invaluable role in instilling confidence and trust in the customers, thereby distinguishing such establishments.

Bios for multiple staff at a quilting company show the expertise of each employee.

Most Advantageous Aspects

One of the most advantageous aspects of creating comprehensive biographies for the owner and staff members of a local business is the ability to link them as author bios. If you are marketing a local business that is actively engaging in content publication and marketing strategies, such as blogging and article writing, to enhance the website’s usefulness and reach, it is crucial to highlight the authors of each piece of content.

Author bios also play a critical role in expanding your digital presence. When you are interviewed by third parties, contribute articles to other websites, or are featured on blogs, news sites, and video channels, publishers can link to your bio, thereby establishing your expertise in the field.

Over the years, Google has made numerous attempts to understand and emphasize authorship in different ways. In the upcoming era where AI-generated content threatens to inundate search engine results with automated information rather than insights from human experts with verified credentials or practical experience, the significance of authorship will likely undergo a transformation.

Will Seek Assurance

Discerning individuals will seek assurance that information about dental hygiene originates from a genuine endodontist with three decades of practice, and they would prefer quilting tips from someone who has honed their sewing skills since childhood, rather than relying on a program designed to imitate expertise. It is important to remember that expertise-based content is not only intended for Google’s quality assessors; it ultimately serves your potential customers.

Consider the level of trust a pet owner would experience when selecting a clinic like Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Surrey, BC, after viewing a video featuring one of their lead veterinarians.

Please take notice of the video description, which duly outlines the content of the video and provides a hyperlink to the doctor’s biography on the official website.

A YouTube video description links to the bio of a vet.

The biography page serves the dual purpose of acquainting readers with the practitioner while comprehensively presenting his esteemed qualifications.

The bio of a vet lists all his formal credentials

Additional Aspect To Consider

An additional aspect to consider within this section pertains to the prevailing sentiment that there has been a decline in the quality of search engine results in recent times.

While the veracity of this claim is subjective, it is noteworthy that if internet users perceive the outcomes generated by Google or Bing searches as lacking credibility (especially with the anticipated exacerbation due to the proliferation of AI-generated content), they may seek alternative platforms like Reddit, Quora, or social media outlets in order to obtain answers from sources they trust.

Should the level of competition within your specific geographical industry necessitate a concerted effort to enhance your online visibility, it would be advisable to establish a robust presence on these alternative information sources to augment the reach of your expertise.

Allow me to provide an illustrative instance from a Reddit discussion, wherein a veterinarian responds to a query about feline nutrition.

A Quora thread in which a veterinarian is answering questions from the public about pet nutrition.

In essence, the comprehensive portrayal of your company’s proprietor and workforce expertise can be effectively established not only on your official website but also across diverse publications, platforms, and multimedia formats.

Authoritativeness for Local Businesses

According to Google, it is essential to consider the reputation of the content creator or website as a reliable source for a particular topic. While not all topics have an official and authoritative website or content creator, when they do exist, they are often regarded as the most trustworthy and dependable sources.

To illustrate, a social media page dedicated to a local business can serve as the authoritative and trusted source for current sales and promotions. Similarly, the official government page for passport renewals is the sole, recognized, and credible source for such services.

I would like to emphasize the significance of being recognized as an authority, as mentioned in the aforementioned quote. While demonstrating your expertise falls under the “E” for expertise, your authority is dependent on others acknowledging you as an expert in your field.

This can be perceived as a challenging task for local businesses, but it is possible to actively contribute towards establishing your authority by assisting third parties in referencing your expertise through various means.

Authoritativeness pre-internet

In the era prior to the advent of the internet, the assessment of authoritativeness was predicated upon its acknowledgment and validation by a collective body or a nation, in acknowledgment of its distinguished merit.

Old photo shows a person receiving an award recognizing them for excellence.

Authoritativeness now

Presently, there exists a multitude of online avenues for local enterprises to be acknowledged as authoritative figures in their respective domains, encompassing a selection of the ensuing alternatives:

A vet is formally listed on the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

In order to establish your expertise in fields that demand official degrees or certifications, it is highly beneficial to be acknowledged on the respective websites of accrediting and regulatory bodies within your industry. An exemplary illustration of this can be observed when examining the aforementioned veterinarian, who is prominently featured on the website of the esteemed American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Professionals can be listed by associations like the National Fireplace Institute website.

Furthermore, in your particular sector, a university degree may not necessarily be a prerequisite; however, the acquisition of certifications could prove vital or discretionary. A comprehensive registry of approve hearth installation experts can be found on the official webpage of the recognize National Fireplace Institute.

A popular directory of plant-based restaurants lists an vegan dining establishment

Numerous Opportunities

In various domains, specific qualifications may not be obligatory; however, they offer numerous opportunities for establishing expertise. For instance, a comprehensive vegan dining directory highlights a restaurant in Mendocino, California, which boasts a complete vegan menu.

This directory entry affirms the eatery’s standing as a leading authority in the realm of vegan cuisine.

All three aforementioned illustrations fall under the category of “structured citations” — a phrase denoting mentions on digital publications dedicated to cataloging professionals, members, and businesses. Virtually every local industry provides comparable listing options.

Whether one acquires a degree, successfully completes a course, or proactively contacts relevant platforms to secure inclusion in their directories, engaging in these activities can effectively enhance one’s authoritative presence.

A regional food blogger writes about a local Italian restaurant.

Structured citations are not the sole avenue available to you; unstructured citations arise from publications that are not of the directory type, wherein you and your business are mentioned alongside your complete or partial contact details. The aforementioned instance is derived from a comprehensive review written by a regional gastronomic blogger recounting their experience at an esteemed Italian eatery located in New York City.

Cultivating a positive acknowledgment and/or endorsement from a reputable local blogger can significantly enhance your credibility and influence within the industry.

An online news site features a story about a local dog trainer.

The Ability to Garner Favorable Coverage

In the interim, should your business have the ability to garner favorable coverage in regional media outlets, it presents an additional avenue for establishing credibility and expertise. For instance, a recent article published by a reputable Palm Beach online news source highlights the exceptional services provided by a distinguished dog trainer.

Cultivating meaningful connections with local journalists and opinion columnists can further solidify your position as a sought-after source, ensuring their inclination to seek your insights for publication when pertinent stories arise.

Video-based vague citations can also be notice, such as the noteworthy instance of a restaurant owner in Washington DC who was prominently feature in a video profile by Huffington Post. This form of recognition serves as substantiation of the business owner’s genuine existence and extensive professional background within a specific industry, thus establishing their authoritative status in their field.

Example of a podcast episode featuring a local doughnut shop owner.

Presented here is an alternate illustration featuring an esteemed proprietor of a confectionery establishment, who is engaged in an interview on an esteemed business podcast based in Portland, Maine.

Example of a guest post written on a pet software site by a dog walker.

Contribute Guest Posts and Articles

An alternative approach to proactively establishing credibility is to contribute guest posts and articles on external platforms. For instance, consider the instance mentioned earlier where a dog-walking business owner from Waltham, MA published a guest post on a pet software website.

Alongside showcasing your expertise through guest posts, it is also beneficial to seize opportunities to speak at local or national conferences, events, and workshops that garner online attention.

Furthermore, a crucial strategy for establishing authority involves obtaining backlinks from reputable websites that are pertinent to your industry or location. Employing tools such as Moz Link Explorer (avail a complimentary trial here) enables you to assess the links your local business has acquired thus far and analyze the links obtained by your local competitors.

In essence, expanding the visibility of your expertise in a specific domain by means of citations, promotions, and reputable associations across various platforms, including public domain and Google’s esteemed quality raters, will significantly enhance your authoritative standing.

Trustworthiness for Local Businesses

According to Google, it is crucial to evaluate the reliability of a webpage by considering its experience, expertise, and authoritativeness. These elements play a significant role in forming the quality raters’ perception of trust.

Moreover, certain types of pages necessitate a heightened level of trustworthiness. However, there are further measures you can employ to establish the credibility of your local business in the eyes of both Google and the general public.

Trustworthiness pre-internet

Prior to the advent of the internet, consumer trust was set through a plethora of assurance mechanisms, represent by the following instances:

Old writ of guarantee for a typewriter sold by a local business.

Trustworthiness now

Despite the continued relevance of paper contracts, several contemporary resources are available to aid local businesses in establishing their credibility on the internet.

A collage of different places around the web in which a local business' contact information must be accurate.

As a local business owner, establishing trustworthiness begins with ensuring the accuracy of vital information about your company across various platforms. This includes your website, social profiles, and the wider local search ecosystem.

The Accuracy of Information

The foundation of trust in the online realm lies in the accuracy of information about your brand that searchers encounter. If you are aware that inaccuracies or inconsistencies in this data are inconveniencing customers, it is imperative to prioritize the rectification of such issues on your site, profiles, and listings.

To handle this efficiently on a larger scale, Moz Local can provide assistance.

It is crucial that the business name listed on your various platforms aligns with your street-level signage and represents the brand identity your staff conveys when interacting with customers over the phone. Adhering to the Guidelines for representing your business on Google is essential, while also refraining from creating listings at non-existent or ineligible addresses.

Moreover, make sure that contact information is easily accessible on your website, avoiding any attempts to bury it to evade calls, requests for assistance, or complaints. A trustworthy business is readily available, responsive, and committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

A deli owner responds well to a negative review, offering the unhappy customer a replacement meal.

Highlights the Efforts

Trust is fortify when a business promptly and effectively addresses customer reviews. A real-life scenario highlights the efforts of a deli owner who goes above and beyond to rectify a dissatisfied customer’s experience. The owner not only provides an explanation and apology but also offers a replacement meal, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Research on the impact of local business reviews on consumer behavior reveals compelling statistics:

  • Approximately 60% of reviewers anticipate receiving a response from the business owner within a span of two days or less.
  • Remarkably, 62% of individuals who express negative feedback would be willing to give a local brand a second chance if the business owner’s response successfully resolves their issue.
  • Furthermore, an impressive 63% of consumers indicate their willingness to update their negative review or revise their low-star rating once the business owner effectively addresses their complaint.

Safeguard The Trust in your Business

It is imperative to safeguard the trust in your business by refraining from any prohibited actions associated with reviews:

  • Abstain from reviewing your own business or soliciting reviews from family members or current/former staff.
  • Avoid offering any form of incentive in exchange for a review.
  • Refrain from posting reviews on behalf of customers or compensating individuals for doing so.
  • Steer clear of posting negative reviews about your competitors.
  • Abandon the practice of review-gating; this entails directing customers through a feedback process that selectively solicits reviews only from satisfied individuals.
  • Do not solicit reviews on Yelp; as per their policy, it is strictly disallow. Fortunately, almost all other local business review platforms permit you to request genuine customers to review your business.

It is endorse that you actively respond to inquiries obtain through Google’s Questions and Answers Feature on your Google Business Profile, instead of relying on the general public to provide customer service to prospective customers. By personally addressing these queries, the proprietor of a local jewelry store can offer precise and tailored responses to meet the exact needs of the customer.

A business owner responds helpfully to a question in Google's Q&A about their services.

Authenticate the Existence

Capture various facets of your enterprise, encompassing the external and internal features of your establishment, facilities, personnel, merchandise, and offerings. Display these visual representations on your listings, website, and social media platforms to authenticate the existence of your bona fide business at a tangible site, fostering a sense of trust among potential patrons that their visit to your establishment will reliably deliver a distinct and exceptional experience.

A photo set for a local diner shows staff, dishes, and amenities.

Ensure that your website prominently showcases your satisfaction guarantees and customer service policies, taking a cue from The Vermont Country Store’s exemplary approach.

A local country store displays its customer satisfaction guarantees.

Develop a robust customer satisfaction policy that resonates with your audience and promote it prominently across your online platforms, including your website and various social channels. Similarly, establish a comprehensive returns policy that instills confidence in your customers and communicate it effectively.

Moreover, if you engage in merchandise shipping, ensure the creation of a meticulous shipping policy that guarantees seamless delivery experiences for your valued patrons.

A diner's website had just a few links for things customers most need to do.

Perform a Limited Number of Actions

Whether your website is a simplistic one, such as Eat at Joe’s, where visitors only need to perform a limited number of actions like finding your contact information, looking at a menu, and ordering food, or a comprehensive platform with hundreds or thousands of pages supporting diverse customer interactions, the utmost priority should always be given to usability and accessibility.

To ensure a professional user experience, here are some fundamental guidelines to follow:

  • Refrain from burdening the site with intrusive popup ads or any other disruptive elements that hinder customers from accomplishing their desired tasks.
  • Avoid implementing a confusing navigation system; menus should serve as helpful guides, consistently positioned, organized, and easily comprehensible, facilitating visitors’ seamless journey through your website.
  • Abstain from engaging in practices aimed at deceiving visitors or search engine bots instead of providing genuine assistance.

Navigate and Utilize

  • Embrace and abide by web accessibility standards, enabling customers with varying abilities to navigate and utilize your site effectively.
  • Thoroughly scrutinize the textual content on your website to ensure its utmost quality, minimizing spelling and grammatical errors as much as possible.
  • Endeavor to maintain the freshness of your site, keeping it updated and relevant to avoid any impression of neglect (for instance, a home page adorned with a snowman in the midst of July would be inappropriate).
  • Remain vigilant in ensuring your site adheres to evolving security protocols, consistently implementing the latest measures to safeguard user data and privacy.

By implementing these professional practices, your website will not only be user-friendly and accessible to all but also project a polished and reliable image to visitors.

In summary, Google asserts that the amalgamation of E-E-A factors contributes to the dissemination of accurate information to T. However, it is evident that local enterprises possess distinct prospects to showcase their credibility and establish trust.

E-E-A-T local dessert… you’ve earned it!

A retro graphic with a piece of cherry pie says "E-E-A-T" may seem like a lot on your plate, but it mainly boils down to good customer service, and you're already an expert at that!"

The realm of SEO can be perplexing, with its array of acronyms, guidelines, and peculiar customs. However, here’s some encouraging news: few possess a superior understanding of exceptional customer service than local business proprietors, and Google’s core values largely align with this principle.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure users have a positive experience while navigating the web, and this can be simply interpret as assisting individuals. Though the intricacies of local SEO may appear intricate, its essence truly revolves around this fundamental concept.

Imagine owning a local establishment, such as a diner. You would provide a staffed phone line to handle calls, prominently display a sign above your door for easy identification, paint your operating hours on the front window, maintain a clean environment, and have someone ready to warmly welcome and seat your patrons.

A Comprehensive Menu

You would present them with a comprehensive menu, clear and concise, detailing your delectable offerings, and guide them towards additional amenities like your patio, restrooms, or child-friendly seating arrangements. Perhaps you would adorn your walls with accolades from esteemed customers or loyal regulars, and perhaps even hang photographs showcasing the rich history of your establishment, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Certificates validating regulatory compliance would be present, and should a customer express dissatisfaction with a meal, you would diligently strive to rectify the situation.

Your utmost dedication would be directed towards delivering an exceptional culinary experience, and you might even pleasantly surprise a guest by serving them a scrumptious cherry pie à la mode, leaving an indelible impression that they would eagerly share with friends, thereby bolstering your sterling reputation.

Will Undoubtedly Serve You Well

Transposing these principles to the online realm, you can gradually cultivate your E-A-T factors, much like topping your own delectable slice of pie with a dollop of velvety vanilla ice cream. The unwavering work ethic you have invested in successfully managing a remarkable local business offline will undoubtedly serve you well as you embark on the digital sphere, aiding people in discovering, trusting, referencing, and selecting your esteemed establishment.

Take heart, for you are more than capable of achieving this feat!

In Conclusion

These success stories and best practices serve as a powerful reminder of the impact that local businesses can have on their communities and beyond. By prioritizing expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T), these businesses have not only achieved success, but have also earned the trust and loyalty of their customers.

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it is essential for local businesses to recognize the importance of showcasing their E-A-T in order to stand out and thrive in today’s competitive market.

By following these best practices and incorporating them into their online presence, businesses can demonstrate their expertise, establish their authority, and build trust with their audience, ultimately driving success and growth for their business.

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