Having a Google Business Profile is crucial for any business looking to establish a strong online presence and reach potential customers. However, what happens when your profile gets take out? This can be a frustrating and daunting experience for any business owner, as it can greatly affect their online visibility and credibility.

Fortunately, there is a way to restore your Google Business Profile and reclaim your place in the digital world.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information and steps to reinstate your Google Business Profile with ease.

From understanding the reasons for suspension to appealing the suspension and implementing best practices, this article will cover everything you need to know to get your profile back up and running. So, whether you are a small business owner or a marketing professional, keep reading to learn how to restore your Google Business Profile and get back on track in the digital landscape.

An Invaluable Marketing Asset

The Google Business Profile (GBP) serves as an invaluable marketing asset for the majority of small enterprises. Given its cost-free nature, numerous local businesses heavily depend on their GBP to drive traffic, receive inquiries, and attract customers to their establishments.

Expert marketers are well aware of the perils similar with investing all marketing efforts in a single platform. However, for financially constrained local businesses, particularly those lacking a marketing budget, a complimentary GBP listing often constitutes their sole method of online business promotion.

The suspension of a business’s GBP listing can have a significant impact on its sales, bringing them to a sudden halt. In certain instances, I have observe companies being enforce to shut down entirely as a result of such suspensions.

The occurrence of a suspended GBP listing can induce immense stress and concern for business owners, particularly when there is a lack of clarity regarding the reasons behind the suspension.

Understanding Google Business Profile Suspension

The suspension of your Google Business Profile occurs when your GBP listing becomes untraceable on Google and Google Maps, or when you encounter a loss of authority over your listing, rendering it essentially “unverified” and unmanageable.

Indications of a suspended listing can be observed within your GBP dashboard through the presence of these notifications:

Screenshot from Google Business Profile dashboard, February 2024
Screenshot from Google Business Profile dashboard, February 2024

A notification will be sent to your inbox by Google, informing you that the listing of your GBP has been temporarily suspended.

Screenshot of email, February 2024

Upon receiving an email notification regarding the suspension of your listing, Google will provide you with a concise “violation type” which provides a preliminary understanding of the cause behind the suspension.

Multiple Reasons

There are multiple reasons why GBP listings may face suspension, primarily stemming from the implementation of spammy tactics or the violation of Google Business Profile Guidelines by the listing owner.

In addition to this, Google may initiate a Manual Suspension if an issue is identified during the review of your listing. This review typically occurs subsequent to someone reporting your listing via GBP’s Redressal Form.

Moreover, it is plausible for users to report a listing on Google Maps or through the Suggest an edit feature available in the search engine.

Suggest an Edit

In the event that an individual garners sufficient trust from Google, their recommendations to remove a business listing or introduce negative modifications may potentially be implemented swiftly. These alterations can occasionally result in the suspension of the listing.

Alterations to your listing can also lead to suspensions.

An Immediate Suspension

To exemplify, a client of mine experienced an immediate suspension of his listing subsequent to accurately transforming his landscaping business from a physical address (his residence) to a service area business by eliminating the address.

Right after the deletion of the address from the listing, his GBP profile encountered suspension.

There exist two distinct categories of suspensions in automotive engineering:

  • Rigid Suspension: This type of suspension system is characterized by its firm and unyielding nature, providing minimal flexibility in absorbing road irregularities and impacts.
  • Supple Suspension: In contrast to the rigid suspension, the supple suspension system offers a more pliant and adaptable design, enabling enhanced shock absorption and a smoother ride quality.

The Definition of Hard Suspension

A hard suspension occurs when conducting a search for your company’s name and location results in the absence of your Knowledge Panel or Business Profile online. This situation is highly detrimental as potential customers are unable to locate your listing on Google Maps or search results.

Hard suspensions commonly arise when Google determines that your business is ineligible for a GBP listing or when you employ questionable tactics.

The Definition of Soft Suspension

A soft suspension occurs when the Knowledge Panel or Business Profile of your business remains visible online but appears unverified, rendering you unable to manage or update your listing through your GBP dashboard.

When subjected to a soft suspension, your GBP profile becomes more susceptible to erroneous changes and the display of inaccurate information due to the ease of user-suggested edits.

Moreover, certain industries are more prone to experiencing suspensions compared to others. These sectors are notorious for housing a higher number of spam and fake listings, making them more susceptible to suspension.

In an effort to combat spammy and counterfeit GBP listings, both Google and SEO professionals have intensified their endeavors. Therefore, if your business operates within one of these industries, it is possible for someone to report your profile if it is found to be in violation of any Google Business Profile regulations.

The aforementioned categories often encompass Service Area Businesses (SABs), which comprise a range of professions such as:

  • Providers of locksmith services.
  • Legal practitioners.
  • Experts in plumbing.
  • Providers of pest control services.
  • HVAC professionals.
  • And so on.

The Dreaded Google Business Profile Suspension Email Notification

If your listing has not yet encountered a suspension, consider yourself fortunate.

The majority of listings, sooner or later, inevitably confront the possibility of suspension. Consequently, it is highly advisable to adopt a proactive approach and equip oneself accordingly.

What are the potential factors that could lead to the suspension of your Google Business profile?

In the event of your GBP listing being suspended, it is highly probable that you have engaged in activities that arouse suspicion or appear spam-like. This could involve contravening the established guidelines for Google Business Profiles or infringing upon the terms of service applicable to other Google products or services.

Google reserves the right to suspend listings for a multitude of reasons, particularly if they are found to be in violation of the esteemed Google Business Profile Guidelines.

Determining the Status of Your GBP Profile Suspension

Initially, business proprietors commonly perceive a decline in incoming calls or foot traffic to their establishments. Consequently, they may promptly conduct an online investigation only to discover the absence of their business listing or encounter a notification within their Google Business Profile dashboard indicating the suspension of their listing.

Screenshot from Google Business Profile dashboard, February 2024

Upon suspension of their listing, a notification email will be promptly dispatched to apprise the concerned parties of the situation. This communication shall encompass significant insights pertaining to the categorization of the violation, specifically highlighting the policy contravened by the listing in question.

Screenshot from email, February 2024

Common Causes for the Suspension of a GBP Listing

There exist numerous prevailing factors leading to the suspension of a Google Business Profile.

To illustrate, those operating within industries susceptible to excessive spam, such as lawyers, locksmiths, or plumbers, may encounter suspension solely based on their industry affiliation.

Moreover, engaging in multiple consecutive updates to the primary information of a Google Business Profile listing within a single session can occasionally raise suspicions and prompt a suspension by Google.

Below are additional factors that may lead to the suspension of GBP listings:

  • Excessive inclusion of keywords in your business name.
  • Usage of a P.O. Box or UPS store address.
  • Establishment of your listing at a virtual office or co-working space.
  • Displaying a physical address while operating as a Service Area Business (SAB).

An Online-Only

  • Running an online-only business.
  • Operating within a high-risk industry such as law, plumbing, HVAC, locksmith services, rehabilitation centers, etc.
  • Sharing the same address with another business, particularly if it is a residential address.
  • Making numerous changes or edits to your GBP profile in a single session.
  • Adding a URL to your GBP profile that forwards or redirects to another website or links to a social media page.

A Storefront To A SAB

  • Switching your listing from a Storefront to a Service Area Business (SAB), or vice versa.
  • Having multiple GBP listings in an area with overlapping service areas.
  • Inconsistencies between your address or business hours and the information listed on your website or other online directories.
  • – Specifying your business hours as 24/7.
  • Suspension of a manager’s account on your listing, resulting in the suspension of your listing as well.
  • Creating multiple listings for the same business at the same address.
  • Violating the terms of service of any other Google tool or service.

May Experience a Sense of Panic

Upon receipt of the suspension notice and email, it is understandable that you may experience a sense of panic, leading you to hastily complete the appeal form. However, I urge you to exercise patience and consider the following steps before proceeding with the appeal process.

In order to successfully submit an appeal, it is essential that you address the issues plaguing your listing. Any actions that have contributed to this situation must be rectified before attempting to reinstate your GBP.

A Means to Evade

It is crucial to note that creating a new listing as a means to evade dealing with the suspended profile is not a viable solution. This course of action will only serve to further complicate matters and is a direct violation of Google’s guidelines. Furthermore, it is highly likely that any newly created GBP listing will also face immediate suspension.

To address the cause of the suspension, I recommend thoroughly examining the violation type specified in the received email. Subsequently, familiarize yourself with the Google Business Profile Guidelines to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

For instance, if your business name has been excessively stuffed with keywords, it is imperative that you rectify this by adjusting your company’s name to facilitate the reinstatement of your listing.

Please proceed with caution and diligently follow these steps to navigate the process of resolving the issues leading to your suspension.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

Incorporated Superfluous and Spam-like Words

In the aforementioned instance, the real estate agent incorporated superfluous and spam-like words into the name of her business.

Prior to submitting the reinstatement form, it is imperative for her to remove the phrase “Florida: The Smart Choice For Real Estate!” from her business name.

If you suspect that your suspension is due to listing your hours as 24/7, it is advisable to modify your operating hours, such as from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., before initiating the appeal process.

(Note: The hours indicated on your GBP profile should reflect the time when your business premises have employees available to engage with customers.

Represent the Hours

For Service Area Businesses (SABs), it should represent the hours during which you are genuinely accessible to cater to your customers at their location, not merely when you answer phone calls. Google seeks to ascertain the specific intervals when your employees are physically present at your business to provide customer assistance.)

Are you experiencing a duplicate listing predicament or have you unintentionally established multiple businesses at the same address?

It is crucial to rectify these issues before embarking on the endeavor to reinstate your listing.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

After comprehending the underlying problems and successfully rectifying the concerns regarding your GBP, the subsequent step entails the completion of the appeal form.

The Appeal Tool

Once you have successfully resolved the issues pertaining to your listing, it is imperative to utilize the Appeals tool. The procedure involved in appealing to Google Business is relatively straightforward; however, adequate preparation is necessary.

Thus, it is crucial that you thoroughly read and comprehend the entirety of this article.

To begin, it is important to consult the Help document regarding the appeal process and acquaint yourself with its intricacies. Subsequently, let us delve into the mechanics of the appeal process.

Upon the suspension of your GBP listing, an email will be sent to you resembling the example below. This email will feature a conspicuous blue button labeled “Appeal.” You are required to click on this button, which will redirect you to the Appeals tool.

Screenshot from email, February 2024

Primary Command

The Appeals feature serves as your primary command center for both handling your appeal and monitoring its progress.

Prior to commencing, kindly verify your logged-in status with the email address associated with the management of your suspended GBP listing account, and subsequently, proceed by clicking on the “Confirm” button.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

Afterwards, proceed to choose the business profile that is currently under suspension. In case you possess only a singular business location, exclusively the suspended location shall be visible within this section.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

Presented with Comprehensive Information

Upon proceeding to the subsequent screen, you shall be presented with comprehensive information regarding the suspension of the Business Profile, including the date of suspension, the underlying cause, and its current status and details:

  • No avenue for appeal shall be available.
  • Potentially subject to appeal.
Screenshot from Google, February 2024

Expert Tip: The upcoming section holds immense significance. Once you proceed by clicking the Submit button on the subsequent screen, you will be granted a limited timeframe of 60 minutes to successfully submit official documents as evidence of your business’s legitimacy.

Highly Advisable to Engage the Services

In case you find yourself unsure about the appropriateness of your evidence documents, uncertain about the procedure, or unsure if your GBP listing adheres to the guidelines, it is highly advisable to engage the services of a qualified product specialist who can assist you in navigating the Appeal process.

It is crucial not to proceed with this process without the guidance of a product expert if you have any doubts regarding the requirements. The stakes are simply too high for the future of your business to be left to chance.

Ensuring the submission of evidence that establishes your business as genuine is of utmost importance.

List of Supporting Documents for Google Business Profile Appeal:

  • Verified Business Registration: This documentation certifies the official establishment of your business.
  • Valid Business License: A comprehensive proof of your business authorization to operate.
  • Tax Certification: Demonstrates your validated tax identification and compliance.
  • Business Address Verification: Supported by utility bills encompassing electricity, phone, gas, water, sewage, trash, recycling, TV, or internet services.

Prominently Displays the Accurate Business Name and Address

Please ensure that your Business Registration/License prominently displays the accurate business name and address that aligns with the Business Profile you are appealing for. Additionally, the utility bill you provide must exhibit the identical business name and address as indicated on your registration/license or tax certificate.

It is imperative that all the documents you submit precisely match the business name and address stated on your Google Business Profile listing. We strongly advise thoroughly reviewing all your documents to confirm this correspondence.

To maximize the likelihood of reinstatement, we recommend including as many supporting items as possible. In case you have more than two documents to upload, please compress them into a zipped file for convenient submission.

Once you have collect all your documents and are ready to proceed, kindly click the Submit button.

Submit Appeal

To initiate a 60-minute timer, kindly commence at this juncture.

Utmost Significance

It is of utmost significance that you navigate to the inconspicuous “Add Evidence” hyperlink on this interface to access the requisite form for uploading your substantiating documents.

Opting not to submit any evidence significantly diminishes the likelihood of reinstating your Google Business Profile.

Please be urge that you possess a singular opportunity to furnish the evidence, thus it is imperative not to overlook this crucial stride.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

Upon accessing the Evidence Form, you will find that your email address, business name, address, and Google Business Profile ID are automatically occupy for your convenience.

Should you require to upload more than two files, fret not, as the option to upload zipped files is available. Simply compress your additional files into a single zipped file and proceed with the upload. (Remember, the more evidence you provide to Google, the greater your chances of success!)

Present A Detailed Narrative

A text box is also provided, where you are motivate to present a detailed narrative explaining why your profile merits reinstatement. Include any changes made to bring your Business Profile in line with GBP Guidelines, along with any other pertinent information that may assist Google in their evaluation.

Ensure that all submissions strictly adhere to factual information.

Please note that you have a character limit of 1,000 in this space, so it is crucial to choose your words thoughtfully.

Once you have completed the document upload and filled out the remainder of the form, kindly click the Submit button to finalize your submission.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

Upon completion of evidence submission, you will be redirected to the Appeals tool, where the requisite alteration of your Details/Status to “Submitted” shall be effectuated.

Return to tool after appeal submitted

A Thorough Manual Analysis

The Google Support team will require a few days to conduct a thorough manual analysis of the evidence provided by you and to meticulously scrutinize your Business Profile, in order to ascertain the adherence of your GBP listing with the prescribed guidelines.

Please refer to the Appeals tool for updated information regarding the altered Details/Status, which may indicate either of the subsequent changes:

  • Authorized.
  • Not Authorized.

Upon completion of the evaluation process conducted by Google, you will be notified accordingly through one of two distinct email communications.

Should the evidence presented substantiate the authenticity of your business and demonstrate adherence to Google’s Guidelines pertaining to your Google Business Profile, an email will be sent to inform you of the successful approval of your appeal.

Screenshot from email, February 2024

The Appeals tool will confirm the approval of your listing appeal.

Screenshot from Google, February 2024

In the event that your GBP listing remains non-compliant with guidelines and/or fails to meet Google’s requirements, an email will be sent to you declining your appeal.

Denied Appeal Email

The information exhibit within the Appeals tool will indicate that the appeal submitted has not been accord approval.

Appeal Status Not Approved

In the event that your appeal is not successful, there exists the possibility to request a re-evaluation of the appeal decision by Google. Regrettably, we are currently unable to provide comprehensive information regarding the procedure involved in this process.

Final Thoughts

With comprehensive knowledge about GBP suspensions, you will be fit out to handle any eventualities that may arise upon encountering the Suspended notice on your dashboard.

It is crucial to bear in mind that GBP suspensions can occur unexpectedly, stemming from various causes such as making multiple simultaneous alterations, receiving an edit suggestion from a competitor, or even encountering a glitch on Google’s platform.

To fortify your preparedness, it is essential to diversify your online marketing efforts and not solely rely on Google Business Profile.

Moreover, adhering to Google’s regulations is of utmost importance. It is imperative to acknowledge that Google holds the advantage by providing this extraordinary marketing tool to merchants, completely free of charge.

In Conclusion

Reinstating a suspended Google Business Profile can be a daunting and frustrating process, but by following these comprehensive steps, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to thoroughly review Google’s guidelines and policies, address any violations or issues, and provide accurate and up-to-date information.

And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Google’s support team for assistance. With persistence and diligence, you can restore your Google Business Profile and continue to effectively promote your business on the world’s largest search engine.

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